6 Formal Outfits for Your Company Gathering

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When attending a formal company event, you should dress elegantly. How you dress represents who you are. Therefore, it is advisable to make a good impression. There is a list of things to consider when attending these gatherings. Deciding on what to wear during a formal gathering is stressful. Here are some stylish outfits you can wear to a formal company gathering.

For women

●     Party skirts

Finding a party skirt is among the easiest things you do. You should, however, take the precaution of avoiding spending a lot of money purchasing one. Spending a lot of money to buy a skirt for an event is unwise because you will not wear the dress regularly. However, your kilt of choice should be memorable since the event is an important one—it should be hem-length and match with an appropriate pair of shoes such as pumps and top. Your choice should also be comfortable and versatile. Such a skirt can include a sequined pencil skirt and a bell sleeve top.

●     Classic pants

Pants are also a great option you can opt to wear. When you settle for these, you can match them up with a regular work staple such as a cashmere sweater or a button-front. Pants can be a celebratory and comfortable look for you. The color of choice can include sequin pants, velvet, tuxedo pants, flowy trousers, or jacquard can all work for this. The velvet pants are significant wear, but you should be keen not to settle for ones that are cut like jeans. Such formal velvet pants can include those from Loft or Nordstrom. You can match pants along with an off-the-shoulder top and a pair of black heels.

●     Cocktail dresses

This type of wear works for you for almost every occasion. Cocktail attire has a balance between both formal and business casual. However, you should avoid wearing many statement accessories when you wear a cocktail dress. You should choose one accessory that compliments your cocktail dress. Cocktail dresses for women should be minimalist and monochrome, and therefore you should choose supplements of the same color hue as your cocktail dress. When selecting shoes, the best option to match a cocktail dress would be heels or stilettos. Complement your look with an elegant clutch.

For men;

●     Suits

It is advisable to dress well when attending an event as it casts a favorable impression on your workmates and even the boss. Wearing a suit to your company event will make you look confident and dapper. Choose a color that is not very formal, for example, a gray suit. You can wear this suit along with a button-down and a tie. To compliment your outfits, put on a pair of oxford shoes. Other color options you can settle for include marine blue or an olive green suit.

●     Blazer/bomber jacket

You can decide to go for a different look and remain presentable. A bomber jacket is such a look that will maintain your image. To complement the Bomber jacket outfits, wearing a basic T-shirt as well as a V-neck underneath the coat will make you look great. You can then pair the Bomber jacket with some jeans or casual pants and enhance the look with a pair of nice sneakers. As for blazers, settle for a color such as maroon velvet. The blazer should be sleek, stylish, slim fit, and comfortable. You can pair your blazer with a T-shirt to complete the elegant look.

●     Chinese collar shirts

This particular outfit is not won as the daily office wear. Therefore, Chinese collar shirts would make a unique and presentable outfit for a company event. This outfit offers you a neat and unique look. You can opt for plain Chinese collar shirts and those with chinos. To complete the Chinese collar shirt look, you should go for a pair of skinny trousers that are a fit and not too slim, as well as a dark blazer. You can then complete the look with moccasin shoes.

These are some outfits you can opt to maintain an elegant look at your company gathering. Pick the best outfit ideas that are stylish and make you look presentable. In addition, settle for comfortable clothes that compliment you well.

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