Which is the Best Tool to use for Sharing or Editing Videos & Photos?

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Pick Instagram is known as the largest platform which you can use for sharing of videos and photos. Thousands of users are uploading thousands of images or videos every day just from all over the globe.

Instagram is available with quite a few major options when it comes to editing photos and videos. You can even choose to adjust brightness, or the saturation and colors, but you cannot save the photos or images directly to the area of your phone gallery. Users who simply want to download photos or the videos have a hard time, so they try with some of tricks and tricks to save videos and photos to their area of the gallery or any other folder.

There are hundreds of apps in the play store that allow users to upload photos or even videos to Instagram. This is one such application, but a different platform.


This is not just working as the photo storage application; it’s much more than that. It works as an image editor, like someone who straight away uploads photos to the platform of Instagram. So you need to download it, because you can change photos, change the background, change the colors of the photo and easily adjust the saturation, brightness and juice of the photos.

You can get this feature but it is just available as over the limited extent. This tool lets you take pictures to the next level; gives photos and videos a professional touch.

It is not banned at all and you can use it on any of the device without any hassle. If any of your friend has un-followed you and still you want to check their updates, and then using this online tool is the best option for you.

How you can use?

There are basically two ways to start using this application.

1.  You can search for the photos or the videos of any public account by simply searching its name or the user id without signing into the account.

2.  Second best is to look for the videos or the photos with the help of hashtags to find the pictures of some celebrities, brands and the people who use these all major hashtags which you have been in search for.

Is it possible to view the story without logging in?

Another best thing about this tool is that it allows you to explore and simply access Instagram accounts without even logging in to Instagram. Not just the photo access, but it even let you to view all the stories from that account just on the one click. There is no need to log into the account.

Picuki Instagram hence works as the simple Instagram image editor and the great online viewer. Image editing has been one of its best features to talk about.

There is no other type of software that allows you to edit slides. You can edit photos using many editing functions, as well as adjust the background of the photo and adjust the brightness of the uploaded photo.


The main advantage of picuki is that it is possible to access Instagram media without an account. Most of the apps will be requiring you with the sign-up process, but this is not in case with this online tool. You should download it right now!

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