Top tips for getting the perfect makeup photos every time

Last Updated on April 2, 2024 by Tayyaba Shafqat

Getting a good look in your makeup photographs is a must. Poor lighting will ruin your photos, so it’s best to get medium-bright but indirect lighting. The best lighting is natural, indirect, and free from harsh glare. Here are some of my top tips for taking beautiful makeup photos every time. Read on! 

Ring lights prevent weird shadows

Ring lights are an excellent way to avoid creating weird shadows in your makeup photos. These doughnut-shaped lights have rows of LEDs that distribute light evenly, reducing shadows and washing out blemishes. You can even use the space in the middle to mount your phone or camera for a more even distribution of light. Regardless of your makeup photography style, you’ll be glad you used a ring light in your photographs.

Ring lights provide uniform lighting for the primary subject, and they help you create a cinematic look. In addition to preventing weird shadows in makeup photos, they’re perfect for YouTubers. These tools are also helpful for attending online classes and conference calls. You can get the best of both worlds with a ring light: beautiful photos with consistent lighting and a great video experience.

Brushes give the best results

When using brushes for your makeup, the best way to get the most professional-looking results is to invest in quality brushes. High-quality brushes will last a very long time, giving you the best results in your makeup photos. 

The density of a makeup brush can have an impact on the product it picks up and the way it’s applied. Using a dense brush when applying liquid makeup prevents it from seeping into the bristles. On the other hand, if you’re applying powder or granular makeup, a looser brush can make blending the product easier. Luckily, many different types of makeup brushes are out there.

Eyeshadow should complement your eye colour

Choose an eyeshadow shade that compliments your eye colour for the best makeup photos. Browns, oranges and rusty bronzes compliment blue eyes. Purples and gold can accentuate your natural eye colour. Light brown eyes look dreamy with shimmery gold or purple eyeshadow. The right eyeshadow colour for you will depend on your skin tone and facial features. Choose your favourite shade based on these tips.

Dark brown or black eyes should avoid ashy and white shades. However, if you have brown or blue eyes, try a glittery-green eyeshadow if you want your makeup to look bright and vibrant. You can opt for a monochromatic look if you’re going for a subtle look and for darker shades for those who like to stay within the lines.

Choosing a go-to look for makeup

When choosing a makeup look, choose one you feel comfortable applying and photographing. Natural light is ideal for makeup photography because it matches the colour temperature of average natural daylight. Darkened makeup will show up in photos, and Medium-light, on the other hand, reveals detail. The most flattering light for a makeup photo is natural sunlight, and the colour temperature of natural daylight is close to that of most electronic flash/strobe lights.

Natural lighting is your best option when photographing makeup. Makeup is most striking against a light background, so try to choose a background that matches your outfit. Light-coloured walls are best. Using natural light will help your makeup pop and your skin look dewy.


Whether you’re shooting for a magazine cover or a fashion shoot, retouching your makeup photos can improve your photographs and make them more perfect. While the basics of makeup application are the same, you should remember a few things to achieve the best results. The makeup should have the right skin tone and a perfect shape. However, outside factors can affect the way it looks.

First of all, it’s essential to understand that retouching photos require a fair amount of effort. You’ll want to preserve the natural skin texture. This way, the photo will look more real and flattering. Proper lighting and makeup go a long way in creating a great shot, but photo editing will complete it. A touchup layer is the most basic of retouching tools used to correct mistakes and refine makeup. It can also clean up a messy eyeliner or patch of lipstick. It will make your photos look more natural and flawless.

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