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Life skills like cooking and personal finance should be taught in school

The internet is a feverish pace, and while it opens up countless opportunities to research, communicate, and learn, there are also many dangers and potentially harmful elements. The amount of information about life skills available can be overwhelming, and it is not just the volume of information but also the sheer speed of access. There is a lot of unfiltered content that kids and young adults might not understand (or even want) to be exposed to.

The internet has converted our lives in so many manners. The technological advancements it has brought about have been a boon to the world, and we could not live without them. But while it has been a useful tool for many people, it has also been misused. Children and young adults require actual skills empowerment. Not simply information and how to access it. They need the ability to learn crucial life lessons and develop social graces and communication skills. They also need the confidence to deal with the challenges of the digital world, from cyberbullying to fake news.  

Life skills

Your brain does not understand “skills.” Your mind is flooded with visions of people talking about skills, reading phrases and vocabulary aloud like a child in school. So how do you teach it? How do you teach young adults how to be responsible, cook, manage their money, or even feel good about themselves? It is not by telling them what they need to learn. Effective life skills help people focus on the many facets of their lives. Life skills are essential in helping people manage stress, improve their thoughts and attitudes, and help them figure out different problems they might face throughout their lives. And when we look at the way businesses can help customers develop life skills, we see that it is through e-commerce. All of us have our personal goals, dreams and aspirations.

It is important to develop skills that will help us achieve them. It is why life skills are such an important topic. People learn in different ways, but the concept of life skills has become a massive demand thanks to the fact that there is now a wide range of platforms that are possible to use to learn them, including self-development apps, social media, and more. It is hard to deny that these are virtues that we, as humans, should all strive toward. These are the qualities that make us valuable in the workplace and at home, and there is no doubt that they can make all the difference when it comes to learning how to manage money. A broad range of skills is important to life’s success. There is no defining list, but a few examples can include:

Stress management

Money management

Time organization


Positive self-image improvement



Growth mindset

Who should teach life skills to young people?

Good education is the basis of a prosperous society; it separates the good from the great and the rich from the poor. It is about getting kids to graduate with more than just good marks, and it is about giving them the skills needed for life. It is no secret that the workplace of tomorrow needs an increasingly flexible, vibrant workforce, one with the skills to cope with a rapidly changing environment. A great example is the writers who work in the best assignment writing service; they have amazing skills to help students with their essays. A mobile and connected workforce will often require more from the modern job seeker.

The days of sitting at a desk waiting for work are over; people need to be proactive, adaptable, and ready to seize opportunities as they arise. In the past, a high-school diploma was enough for anyone to find success in the world. While this is still true for some professions, it is increasingly untrue for many others, and today, even that degree is not enough to guarantee a decent salary and a good career path. Kids grow up and learn in school, but they still have to learn how to exist and be present in the real world. School should prepare young people for the real world, which means more than teaching them the basics.

While it is important to learn algebra and biology, those skills are the bare minimum; schools need to cover classes on communicating effectively and handling money issues. Society must add these lessons to the curriculum for kids to become fully functional when they leave school.

The reasons why teaching life skills is important

Improve mental wellbeing

Learning life skills helps teens grow more self-aware and confident about the future. It exposes young people to social pressures and challenges, making them better equipped to handle what they are going through today, whether stress or bullying. By becoming more aware of the challenges they’re facing and recognizing when they need help, young people build a sense of confidence in themselves that will last well into their adult years.

Self-esteem and social media

When our self-esteem takes a hit, it can be hard to recover, especially when surrounded by the “Instagram ideal” and the fear of missing out. But we have more power over our thoughts than we think: practising mindfulness in the classroom can help young people build resilience and find inner peace. Inclusive education is so important; it helps learners learn through a holistic teaching approach that brings life skills to the classroom.

Change from bully to role model

As for Math, studies show that it can help with problem-solving skills and strategy in making financial decisions. It can give students a better understanding of compound interest, a money-making tool used in investing. In economics, too, it helps students understand the value of money and how to be fiscally responsible. It is especially valuable if they want to learn how to manage their finances in the future.

Develops financial literacy

One of the most necessary skills young people need is budgeting and managing their finances. An important aspect of this is understanding what money is, how it is made, and how to use it responsibly. Teaching kids about money management will help them become more financially literate. A great way to teach financial literacy is to foster healthy communication and interaction between children and parents.

Encourage effective decision-making

Every choice carries consequences, and by learning to understand the possible outcomes of their decisions and the reasoning behind them, students will learn to make wise choices. Life is loaded with decisions, some of them easy, others difficult. Each decision will affect some aspect of our lives. We must choose our courses of study wisely. Choosing our travelling companions wisely is essential. Also, we must choose our friends wisely. We must choose our work wisely. We must choose our recreation wisely.

Constructing healthy relationships

Communication is a skill, and like any additional skill, it is possible to learn. Being a good communicator means effectively listening, speaking, reading, and writing, both in-person and online. A good life skills program teaches students to communicate through non-verbal cues, like eye contact and facial expression; it also provides clear responses to questions and conflicts in real-time, building the foundation for future relationships by instilling tolerance and respect.

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