List Of Birthday Traditions Around The Globe

Everyone enjoys a good birthday bash. While it is customary to celebrate another amazing year of life worldwide, how people celebrate birthdays differs tremendously. There are many unique birthday traditions worldwide, from singing around a cake with candles in the United States to slurping lengthy noodles in China. For many, celebrating another trip around the sun with loved ones is a time-honored tradition.


Mexicans know how to have a good time; therefore, it’s no surprise that they have the most enjoyable family tradition: the birthday piata packed with candy. Grab a broomstick and a blindfold, and let the party begin.  


Not every birthday is commemorated in Japan, and not every birthday is commemorated on a child’s actual birthday. Because children died young in ancient times, youngsters now take part in the 7-5-3 festival Shichi-go-san. The name relates to the ages of the honored children: any child who is three years old, males who are five years old, and girls who are seven years old. They dress up and go to a holy site to express gratitude for their good health and a new year. They may also receive candy and presents.


Sweeping the steps of city hall while dressed in drag until they found a virgin to kiss was an old practice in parts of Germany for men who were still single on their 30th birthday. Fortunately, it has been updated since then. To prove they’re eligible for marriage, single men and women now spend their 30th birthday sipping cheap booze with their buddies while scrubbing steps or doing other tasks.


One of Denmark’s most cherished birthday customs originated in the 16th century when a wandering salesman traversed the land selling spices. It was often difficult for them to settle down and start a family due to their hectic schedules. Today, if a male or female is unmarried on their 25th birthday, they are chained to a chair or a pole and drenched with cinnamon to remember these specimens. If the lucky man or woman is still single on their 30th birthday, the cinnamon is replaced with a mixture of pepper and eggs. While following these traditions, you can also order and take cake delivery in UK, USA or other countries to celebrate the special day. 


In Canada, handcrafted birthday cakes with colored sugar sprinkles are served. A wrapped penny may be found between the layers of the cake. Whoever discovers it is the first to participate in the party games. Children are given colorful party treats called crackers at the parties. These are crepe paper-wrapped tubes. When you pull a paper strip, they pop. A small reward, your fortune, or a hat is hidden inside.  


Birthday celebrations in Brazil are spectacular. When someone’s birthday comes around, their family decorates the house with bright banners, papers, and flowers. The table’s centerpiece is a delectable cake flanked by a variety of delicacies. Another tradition is to share the first birthday cake with the person’s most important person.


Flour is thrown in the face of the birthday male or a female in Jamaica, ostensibly for good luck. Flour is thrown into cake, cookies, or brownies in Western culture. If you wish to celebrate your birthday in Jamaican style, get a cake from a cake shop nearby. Moreover, you can take cake delivery or can send cake to USA or other countries.


It’s a fantastic idea to make money for your birthday celebration. In Scotland, the birthday child is handed a pound note plus one extra for each year they turn for good luck.    


Many individuals regard their birthday as a unique occasion, but this is not the case in Vietnam, where everyone commemorates their birthday on the same day, which the Vietnamese refer to as Tt Nguyên án, or simply TET. This day also signals the beginning of spring and the Vietnamese New Year. Many individuals make offerings in the new year to ensure vitality and happiness. People light fireworks, adorn their homes, and purchase flowers from street booths in plenty. Various rituals are performed throughout the event; many focus on the celebration of family ties.  

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