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What can you do with a Master’s in Secondary Education?

Last Updated on February 17, 2024 by Ali Hamza

If you’re contemplating getting your master’s degree in Education, you’ll need to answer the crucial question: What could you accomplish with a master’s degree in Education? In reality, lots! From teaching positions to administrative ones, a master’s degree in Education is an excellent education that you can earn. We will provide master’s degree jobs in Education to help you find possibilities once you’ve completed that postgraduate diploma.

What’s a Masters’s degree in Education?

A master’s degree in Education is a postgraduate degree students can pursue upon completing a bachelor’s degree. The program is focused on teaching theories of instruction and the top practices in the area of Education. The course you are enrolled in, your course of study will differ. You can, however, expect to learn about topics like instructional design differentiation, education administration, curriculum design, teaching to ensure inclusive and diverse classrooms and more. A master’s degree in Education usually will take around two years to finish. The length can be different; however, you can anticipate that most programs will be 12-18 months long. Once you’ve completed your master’s degree in Education, it can increase your earnings potential.

What can you do With a Master’s in Education?

If you’re thinking about working with a master’s degree in Education, there are many options. If you can become a teacher with a bachelor’s or master’s degree and licensure, a doctorate will expand your possibilities within the educational field.

Here’s a look at a few most sought-after master’s degrees in Education.

ESL Teacher

ESL refers to English as an additional language. ESL instructors create lessons for non-native English learners to master the language. This can include written and oral assignments. ESL teachers can also create individualized instruction based on the student’s abilities. Based on the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for an adult elementary, secondary education, secondary education, and ESL instructor will be five hundred fifty-three dollars per year.

Education Specialist

A specialist in Education is accountable for coordinating and planning educational programs for public, professional, or communities. In addition to designing the program, educational specialists also conduct workshops, classes or seminars, and training services. It is easy to get a job as an educator by obtaining the degree of a bachelor’s. However, a master’s degree could provide more lucrative pay and an advantage over applicants who do not need for. Indeed, the median income for this job within the United States is $53,646 annually.

Corporate Trainer

Corporate trainers within an organization create programmes to help employees excel within their roles. To list a few responsibilities, corporate trainers are charged with identifying employees that require additional training, developing training programs, controlling training budgets, and evaluating training programs’ effectiveness. According to Payscale, the median earnings of corporate trainers are $57,254 for a year.

Career Counselor

Career counsellors assist students in finding their next steps in life. Career counsellors are employed in colleges or high schools. They help students when they require assistance to complete an application, find a trade school or choose which career path to pursue. Career counsellors are expected to make the equivalent of $58,120 per year.


In many states, you require an advanced degree to become the principal. Principals are the most senior level of education administration, and they make sure that the school runs efficiently. This job is usually highly lucrative and pays $98,940 per year.

Education Researcher

Maybe you’d like to be a part of this field, however, not in the direct capacity of a consultant or teacher. You could also think about becoming an educational researcher. Researchers in Education and assessment are accountable for evaluating academic departments to discover whether they can improve their curriculum. They aim to make sure that the departments are running efficiently and efficiently. The median salary for this job will be $67,375 per year.

You can earn your degree online.

A master’s degree in Education can be ideal for a leader in the educational field. But, it could also be a pricey degree. According to Education Data Initiative, the cost of a master’s degree in Education is $55,200. This degree will open the door to various career opportunities; however, in the same way, you’ll have to consider the benefits.

It’s a good thing that you can complete your master’s degree in Education cost-effectively. It is a great option. University of the People grants students access to an entirely online, tuition-free, accredited master’s degree in the education program. Our master’s in education program in advanced teaching can cost between $3,180 to the $4,140 mark (depending on the number of specifications you decide on in your study). You can choose the time and place to study if you have an online degree since everything is online. In addition, you’ll be looking with students from more than 200 countries and territories which allows you to study alongside an array of students.

Take a look at all the other advantages associated with the master’s degree from The University of the People.


You’ve asked, “What could you do with a master’s degree in education?” and we provided an overview of some options. Be aware that when you have an education master’s degree, you are also eligible for jobs that need the completion of a bachelor’s. You’ll stand out over those who don’t have a master’s degree due to the additional education and experience. In essence, a master’s degree in Education will broaden the possibilities of the positions you could be able to hold. And once you earn your master’s in Education, you can continue on your educational journey to obtain a Doctor in Philosophy of Education (PhD) (or Doctor of Education (EdD). You can also immediately enter this field and get real-world knowledge.

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