8 Useful Tips To Remember When Selling Second Hand Bikes In Bangalore

When it comes to two-wheelers India is one of the best markets in the world. With the advent of the internet, the two-wheeler market in India has received a huge boost. Now people are also willing to purchase second hand two-wheelers available at reasonable prices because a lot of people including office goers and delivery executives require second hand bikesWhat Car Racks Are Best for Electric Bikes, Trikes, or Fat Tire Bikes? Buying Guide! for daily usage.

Most people sell their two-wheelers at some point in their lives and if you already own a bike then it is highly likely that someday you will also sell it. In order to sell second hand bike in cities like Bangalore you will need to be aware of some important things which will definitely help you fetch a handsome price for your second hand bike.

8 Useful Tips To Remember When Selling Second Hand Bikes In Bangalore

Your second hand bike will fetch a good price if you regularly maintain it.

You can also individually approach people to get a better price or you can take the assistance of a professional retailer or dealer of second hand bikesYamaha Dirt Bike Buyer’s Guide. Apart from these, you can also visit verified and popular online platforms that can help you sell second hand bikes at the best possible price.

In this article, we will discuss all the helpful tips you should remember while selling second hand bikes in Bangalore.

Remember the following tips while selling your second hand bikes

1. Make a good portfolio of your second hand bike

If you have decided to sell second hand bikes then it is important to make a good portfolio through which you will be able to attract more customers. First, properly clean and polish your bike and then take at least 5 to 6 good quality pictures of your bike that can help the customers understand the current condition of your two-wheeler.

If there are any minor damages then remember to fix them before taking those pictures. It needs to look like it’s just rolled out of the showroom because nothing can persuade a buyer better than a good picture of your bike.

2. Thoroughly check the tire and replace them if needed

If the condition of your tire is not good enough then the price of your bike will decrease significantly. If you have to decide between servicing the bike before the deal or getting a new set of tires, go for the tires because your new set of tires will be clearly visible to potential customers while the servicing will not. New tires always make a good impression and it will also help you receive a good price for your second hand bike.

3. Have all the old service records ready

Having your service records ready is also a good way to get the appropriate price for your second hand bike. The service records of your bike will ensure that the customer who is going to purchase your bike is receiving a two-wheeler that has been properly serviced and maintained.

In case there is any minor accidental history then you don’t need to mention it in front of the customer and also make sure that your bike does not require any repairs. If you keep any repairs pending then the customer would certainly ask you to lower the price of your second hand bike.

If you want to sell second hand bikes in Bangalore then you also need to keep your bike-related papers ready. These papers will help you transfer ownership of your bike to the customer. Here is a list of papers the customer will ask from you:

  • Registration certificate
  • Sales receipt
  • Pollution under control certificate
  • Insurance policy of the bike
  • Road Tax certificate
  • Forms 28, 29, and 30

5. You can sell the modified parts individually

If you have modified your bike and currently want to sell it, then you need to know that not all modifications can increase the value of your second hand bike. For example, if you have a 60K exhaust installed, it won’t help you increase the overall price. If you want to sell second hand bikes then it is better to remove all of the modifications and sell every modification part individually.

You can sell the modified parts individually

If you have made any modifications to your bike then you should sell the modified parts separately.

6. Explore the top second hand bike selling platform to get a better understanding

In order to set an appropriate price and sell second hand bikes you should explore online second hand bike selling platforms. These online marketplaces have lots of users and you will also get to know about the price tag of the same models that are up for sale. You can also enlist your bike on one of these platforms to attract potential customers. Try to register your bike on at least three different websites to increase your chances of a sale.

7. Advertise your bike

If you want to sell a second bank bike through an online website then you can advertise your bike by uploading the high-quality pictures that you have taken for creating your bike’s portfolio. To attract more buyers ensure your advertisement has a short, sharp, and catchy headline.

8. Use social media platforms for promotion

Social media is also an effective way to promote your advertisement regarding the second hand bike. You can take short videos and photos of your bike and upload them on multiple social media platforms to attract potential customers. Social media platforms also have their own marketplaces where you can promote your second hand bike. For example, Facebook has its own marketplace where you can advertise and sell your second hand bike.

To conclude

Although selling bikes in Bangalore has become comparatively easier because of the huge demand, at the same time, you also have to be very careful and patient while selling your second hand bike. You should properly research the current market price of your bike and the money you will receive from the buyer will also depend on the condition of your second hand bike.

You should properly check your bike, conduct regular maintenance and change any parts (if required) at the time of selling your two-wheeler. If you want to skip all of these complicated processes you can simply visit Beepkart. It is an online platform where you can sell or purchase a second hand bike at an appropriate price. Your second hand bike will be evaluated by experts at your doorstep and you will receive 100% payment within 5 minutes.

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