Top 5 Free Email Marketing Tool In 2023

If you are a new business startup, you not only need to take advice from business forming services for your business or LLC  formation. Additionally, you require a lot of free tools and techniques that save your time and resources.

Many marketing, accounting, and financial management software are available for free support to your new business.

In this guide, we shall discuss the various email marketing tools and platforms for free email marketing. This blog shares the techniques and criteria for choosing free email marketing. Email marketing has a proven record of driving massive ROI. Moreover, abundant free marketing software is available and ready to use. Consequently, you don’t need to pay to connect with your audience and engage them with no significant investment. 

Top 5  Free Email Marketing Tools  


One of the best free marketing tools is Benchmark. It offers unlimited subscribers with 250 free emails per month. It also provides more than 199 responsive email templates. Benchmark lacks CRM tools, SMS marketing and social ads. However, it offers a unique feature of free connection to more than 1499 third-party marketing apps. 

Benchmark’s primary or free version allows you to use signup forms, segmentation, and simple automation.


Moosend offers the features of unlimited emails every month, allowing you to have 1000 subscribers in its 30 days free trial. It is the best tool for SaaS, Publisher, Bloggers, and eCommerce. Its unique drag and drop feature of email builder will allow you to create elegant email marketing campaigns. It also allows you marketing automation and best segmentation.

Moosend freemium account allows you to use reporting and analysis features to analyze your marketing campaign’s performance.


MailerLite offers you more than 11,999 emails every month, allowing your business to have 1000 subscribers. It is best for bloggers, SMBs, Creative and NGOs. MaiilerLite has a unique drag-and-drop, a user-friendly editor that helps you create outstanding email campaigns. It has a free text editor, which is an asset for bloggers. It has a built-in email automation feature, advanced segmentation and contact tagging. It also offers you email reports and surveys in the free version. 


Hubspot offers you a free plan of 2000 emails every month. It is a recommended tool for email marketing for SaaS,  SMBs and Agencies. It has a unique feature of free CRM software. In addition, Hubspot has a powerful automation platform that facilitates you in taking an insight into your target market.

You can create beautiful newsletters, customize landing pages, and manage social media and Facebook ads. In addition, its free package offers you to access analytics tools to analyze and improve marketing strategy. 

Interestingly, Hubspot offers you free email marketing with lead generation, segmentation, and 100% deliverability.

Zoho Campaigns 

Zoho Campaigns allows you to send 120000 emails and have 2000 subscribers in its free plan. It provides the feature of creating, tracking and sending email campaigns to small and medium businesses. In addition, Zoho has a stream of apps in financial management, CRM, and more. So, Zoho will help you quickly connect and use other related apps to manage your small business. It generates an automated email, offers permission-based access, and allows you to design personalized marketing campaigns.

How To Choose Best Free Email Marketing Software

Generally, the free email marketing software is prioritized against the following features.

Capacity to add Subscriber :

A free E-mail marketing software usually allows you to add 50 subscribers. When choosing a free email marketing tool, prefer the one which offers the capacity to add subscribers greater than or equal to 500.


It is preferable to choose a free E-mail marketing tool that ensures 100% delivery.

Offer Responsive Email Templates:

Designing and writing emails from scratch takes significant time and effort. Therefore, it is recommended to prefer software or email marketing tools that offer well-designed and mobile-responsive templates.

Offer segmentation of Contact list:

It is also recommended to choose an email marketing tool that offers segmentation of subscribers. The feature will help you to categorize subscribers and if you want to send an email to a distinct segment of subscribers.

Offer Reliable customer support: 

Choosing an email marketing tool for free customer support is rare. However, this feature is also available for free in specific software.

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