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We work with PDF files every day. Most of us have definitely encountered such a situation: PDF files are not displayed in a normal state – one or more pages of PDF files are arranged horizontally, which makes readers feel uncomfortable when reading them.

If you are reading these PDF files on your tablet, iPad or smartphone, you can change the reading direction of the phone. However, if you want to edit or read it on your computer, it becomes difficult. And the solution is to rotate the PDF files.Almost all online PDF editing tools provide a rotation function, but not all of these editing tools can rotate a single page or the ones you have selected. In this article you will learn about the services that will help you rotate the file.


This is the best option to rotate PDF files online with this best PDF rotation tool. You can also rotate multiple PDF files at the same time with this online PDF rotation tool. So, select the PDF files you want to rotate with this best online PDF rotation tool.

With this PDF rotation tool, you can simply rotate a PDF file online on this rotator. It is a simple and easy way to rotate PDF files online with this PDF rotator tool. To rotate a PDF file in this tool, you need to select the PDF file you want to rotate. After selecting the PDF, you can see a preview of the PDF using the rotate button. Now you can easily rotate the PDF file at any angle when previewing. After rotating the PDF, you can simply download the rotated PDF to your device. In addition, you can also download a rotated ZIP file in PDF format. You can also rotate multiple PDF files at the same time with this PDF rotation tool. Delete the PDF file that you don’t want to rotate, or add additional files that you want to rotate using this tool. So with this tool you can easily rotate PDF on the internet.

How to rotate PDF:

  1. Select the PDF file you want to rotate using the PDF rotation tool.
  2. Rotate the PDF file at any angle.
  3. Now download the rotated PDF file or also download the ZIP file.
  4. In addition, you can rotate multiple PDF files at the same time.
  5. Finally, click Clear All and Rotate More in the Rotate PDF tool.

PDFdoctor can rotate multiple pages at the same time and you can save them for future reference. Despite the fact that there is no limit to the number of PDF pages that can be rotated at a time, we tested our tool for the maximum number of pages that can be rotated in one PDF uses the most secure encryption method to transfer the PDF to servers where your file is deleted after it is processed. PDF doc tor works on different platforms and devices and allows the user to rotate PDF pages in one click – be it Android, Windows or iOS. works on every laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Instructions on how to rotate a page in a PDF file:

1) Download a PDF file from your device or sync it using Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or a Dropbox account.

2) Select the pages you want to rotate and select alignment.

3) Save the processed file from the download page.


2PDF Converter is probably the simplest and safest web application for rotating PDF pages online. It works on all modern devices, and the best part is that it’s free!It’s not just about PDF rotation – you can do a lot more actions with your documents. There are more than 20 different tools for any situation – merge, split, compress, convert PDF to Word and much more.You don’t need to be a software engineer to edit a PDF. It’s very simple! Upload the file, press a few buttons to rotate and upload the converted document. This works even for scanned PDF pages!

Turning Steps:

  1. Download the PDF file. The file rotation panel will appear. You can rotate all PDF pages at once or select only certain ones.
  2. Select PDF pages using the checkboxes or use the page range input and rotate them using the red rounded rotate button.
  3. Start the conversion when you are satisfied with the result. Wait a few seconds. Now you can download the file to your device!


This article presents the Top 3 convectors that have the functions of rotating PDF files online. These services will be useful to people who use the rotation of PDF files extremely rarely. You will not need to download anything to your computer and it will not take you much time.


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