Top 3 Car Maintenance Tips You Should Stick to

Lavish and luxurious – this best spells out the life in Dubai. The City of Gold is home to some of the richest people. At the same time, regular residents also get to enjoy all the facilities and amenities of a good life there. Due to this, owning a fancy car is possible for many. The market for new and used cars in the emirates thriving. From a regular SUV to a sports car to the hottest supercar, you would find all options. You can also find rent a car in ajman offered by many agencies.

However, merely owning a car is not enough. You should also know how to take care of it. It is a machine that needs to be maintained and oiled and taken care of like any other you might have. Doing so ensures a safe and long life on the road. You should know that regular maintenance is not the same as care and protection. When we talk about regular maintenance, it means timely change and cleaning of engine oil, brake fluids, and tire replacements.

As for care and protection, it means caring for your vehicle to prevent car issues in the long run and save its value as well. With proper maintenance, you can avoid certain car issues. Having said that, here are the top 3 maintenance tips you should adhere to whether you buy a new or used set of wheels:

The Engine of the Car

When you are shopping for a car, the first thing you should know about is the engine. How is the engine? Has it been replaced? Needless to say, the car engine is the most expensive part of the car and certainly, the most important one. There are a few steps you should add to your car-care routine to protect from future problems as well.  Regular maintenance calls for a periodic oil change after driving certain miles.

There are different types of engine oils in the market. As the car reaches a certain limit in terms of miles, the knowledge of knowing which engine oil to use goes a long way in ensuring its longevity. A mechanic can help you understand the different types of formulas. See that you know about a skilled and reliable mechanic in your area so he can replace the air and oil filters and maintain engine health. See that you clean it every week to ensure a smooth drive on the road.

The Body of the Car

Most car-buying decisions are based on the look of the cars. After all, it is the first thing that anybody sees in the car. When it comes to super, sports, or luxury cars, even one scratch on the cars hood could bring down the value drastically. Here is what you can do to keep your car’s body in top shape. Many people are unaware of the fact that dented bodies are more susceptible to rust. This is because the oxidation of the iron particles occurs when there are spaces in the paint. So, you must protect your car from rust. For that, you have to maintain the car paint. Also, polish is necessary once you clean your car. This needs to be done every week.

During harsh summers or winters, you are cooped up at home and don’t drive much for quite some time. In that case, you should take off the wheels and close off the inlets such as exhaust pipes. This would prevent your vehicle from getting infested by rats or insects. Use a proper cover to wrap your car’s body. If you have to drive long-distance or the parking at your workplace is not shaded, try using solar sheets.

The Wheels of the Car

Your vehicle’s tires are essential parts as they are directly in contact with the road. Also, they are subjected to wear and tear. You must know about basic tire maintenance. There have been many unfortunate incidents that occurred due to damaged and worn-out tires. Some even had traction problems. Get them checked regularly by a mechanic. They would check both the condition of the treads and pressure. How well your car performs on the road is highly dependent on the type of tires you use and their condition.

Also, get your tires changed every few months. Before replacing both pairs of front and rear, try swapping the front tires with the rear ones. Consult a mechanic in this regard as they can guide you accordingly and tell you about the options that you are available with. If you wish to find out more about an auto body shop be sure to check out NRC Group.

In all, if you own a car in Dubai, follow these tips for road safety as well as for the long life of your car. In case you’re renting a car, make sure to select the one that’s properly maintained. For this, you can rely on One Click Drive. As a leading car rental agency in Dubai, all the cars they have in their fleet are well-maintained and regularly overhauled.

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