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What Is Juztsam web design?

Juztsam web design is that activity consisting of planning, designing, maintaining and creating web pages. It moves away from the more traditional term design in that it encompasses a wide variety of different aspects, such as interface design, artwork design, or even the user experience of the site.

It is the main discipline to take into account when setting up a website, since its degree of usability and improvement for the visitor depends on it. If they do not receive a pleasant experience, with adequate interactivity, information architecture, navigability and usability, they will probably move to the competition or not take full advantage of what the page offers. It is also one of the elements that always try to fight against the bounce rate.

There are many more points that depend on juztsam web design, such as conversion rate, number of impressions or even organic search engine ranking. For SEO, in fact, design is one of the most important elements, since it can determine to what extent a website is of quality in the eyes of search engines such as Google.

Currently, it is one of the most demanded disciplines and one of the points on which the greatest emphasis is placed within any company. The presence on the Internet is fundamental, and the design is one of the most determining points in this plane.

What is Juztsam web design for?

Juztsam web design is used to offer users a suitable, smooth and attractive experience when moving through a page on the Internet. It is something capable of transmitting the image of a brand and its message, while showing the degree of commitment of a company for the good experience of its consumers.

A good design, moreover, is capable of responding well to the needs of the current public, as well as marking the presence of a firm on the network, helping in its positioning in order to achieve greater reach and visibility.

Juztsam web design phases

Juztsam web design is an elaborate process that consists of several phases. The larger the project, the more phases it can have. Below are some of the basic phases of Juztsam web design, which all projects have.

Analysis and definition of Juztsam web design

In this phase of the design, the image that the Web page should have is studied, according to the objective that it wishes to fulfill. It is the phase in which a first vision of the design that the Web pages of the site will present is generated.

Website creation

After approving the sketch of the Juztsam web design in the previous phase, this design is implemented as a Web page, with its headers, menus, animations and images.

Navigation programming

Once the Web pages have been created and structured, their navigability and functionality are programmed for a correct presentation of the Web pages, as defined in the original Juztsam web design.

These three acts are done one after another, and sometimes continuously. Some design theorists do not see such a clear hierarchy, since these acts appear again and again in the design process.


Designing as a cultural act implies knowing design criteria such as presentation, production, significance, socialization, costs and marketing, among others. These criteria are innumerable, but they are countable as the assignment appears and is defined.

What are the different types of Juztsam web design?

Juztsam web design allows a series of alternatives, which until a few years ago were unthinkable. Now, in addition to making a website using code, you can also opt for the different CMS that exist to be able to carry out a web page.

What are the different types of juztsam web design that are used today, although some are more in the past than others? With this list you can access the most used designs, so you can make your site.

Juztsam web design fixed

This type of design, called fixed juztsam web design in English, is one of the busiest on the Internet. It remains unchanged regardless of the device from which the website is viewed, that is, it is indifferent to the size of the screen. Whatever the characteristics of the screen or browser, the same size preset by the juztsam web designer in pixels is always displayed.

Responsive juztsam web design

This type of juztsam web design is also known as responsive, which varies depending on the type of device from which it is viewed or the width of the web browser through which it is accessed. In this way, you can see one site on a smartphone, another on a tablet and another on a desktop computer.

Fluid juztsam web design

This type of screen occupies the entire width of the screens, regardless of its size. It is a less used type of design, since it requires a more meticulous work, by the person who makes this page.

If not done properly, the result can be catastrophic, however, but otherwise, for normal screens, it can give quite an attractive result.

Elastic juztsam web design

This is a type of juztsam web design very similar to fluid; only in this case, the content also grows along with the width of the design to fill the screen. It is a type of design that is not widely used.

The result of an elastic design can be more or less pleasant on more or less small screen sizes, but once you use very large screens, the content becomes excessively irrational, so except in some circumstances, you have no reason to be.

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