4 Tools for Staying Organized as a Writer.

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As every good writer knows, writing good content is important to be a good writer. But that’s only half of what you do. The rest of your time is spent managing deadlines, keeping track of client invoices, and brainstorming and researching topic ideas so you can be more efficient with your writing time when it comes time to do it. Essential and less-glamorous tasks can be hard to get done if you don’t have good organization. Without it, it can be hard to make money as a writer.

To make life a little easier, book marketing services has compiled a list of some of our favourite resources and writing tools to help our fellow artists stay more organized and better manage their back-end tasks. We hope this list will help you, too!

Try some of these ideas if you want to spend more time writing and less time doing other things.

4 Tools for Your Writing to Stay Organized.


If you don’t use a project management tool like Asana to communicate and plan your project, you are missing out on a chance to be much more organized. It doesn’t matter what kind of content you are making.

Asana is a great project management tool for clients because you can quickly add your clients to your project board and communicate with them there.

Tasks can be planned out and tracked. You can make notes of tasks, keep track of deadlines, and respond to questions on the board, all from the same place. Keep everyone up to date without taking up a lot of space in their email boxes.

Asana can also be useful if you have a lot of moving parts in your writing projects. Keep track of when deadlines for book submissions to editors, printing and design work, or writing goals for yourself are so that you don’t get behind on your work.


Check your work with a second person before sending it to your client. Grammarly has a free tool that checks for spelling and grammar mistakes right away, which is very useful when quickly checking your text for mistakes. Please don’t send in another document that has common mistakes, like mistaking their, there, or they’re on them again, for their or there.

Our favorite thing about Grammarly is how easy it is to link it to your web browser so that you can get edits and suggestions right away. It doesn’t make sense to add more steps to your editing process when you don’t have to.

Paper calendar.

Keep a track of all the things you need to accomplish each week with a weekly calendar. Please write down your most important, most reachable objectives for the day on a piece of paper at the start of each day.

For setting up your week and putting your most important tasks at the top of the list for each day, these Ugmonk cards are great. In this case, you can either take a break or start a new set of tasks for the week.


It doesn’t matter whether you write as a full-time freelancer or just do a few writing projects from time to time. Having an easy-to-use invoicing and payment platform can help make sure you get paid on time for your work. There are many things we like about Freshbooks because it’s made for small businesses and is very easy to use.

Freshbooks makes it easy to make professional-looking invoices with their premade templates, and it lets your clients pay you right away in the way that works best for them. It also makes it easy to keep track of your business expenses all year long.

One thing that every freelancer knows (or will soon come to know) is that invoices are only one part of the process of getting paid. When you have to follow up with clients and remind them of deadlines, it can be one of your more time-consuming but important jobs.

When you use Freshbooks, it is easier for you to get paid by clients. There are payment reminders, the option to pay upfront, and a system that can help you keep track of payments from ongoing projects so you can focus on your work and not on collecting them.

As a bonus, your accountant will be grateful for how well your business finances have been kept when you are ready to file your taxes with Freshbooks’ simple reports when you are ready to pay.


As a writer, if you want to get more organized, start with one new organizational tool and work your way up to more before adding more to your work.

Effective routines that help you manage your writing can take a long time, but they are worth it so you can write more useful and interesting content for yourself and your business clients. Think about where you’re having trouble and start there.

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