Tips For Staying Productive

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Productivity is defined as having the power to produce.

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of work to do, if you are always stressed or if you are simply just trying to have more time for yourself, then you might benefit from these 6 productivity hacks.

1. Sleep well – this is foundational

You have to be mentally awake and focused in order to accomplish important tasks. An adequate sleep of 6-8 hours will allow your body to regain strength, your cognitive functioning of the brain will be rejuvenated as well. If you sleep less, you will most likely be tired for the rest of the day as the body has no sufficient energy to function well.

2. Eat well – this is foundational

The energy that our body needs are mostly taken from the food we eat. Carbohydrates such as rice or bread are the main source of energy so it should comprise at least ½ of the meal. Fats, in minimal amount, should be included as they augment the energy provided by carbohydrates. Protein rich foods like fish and meat, fruits and vegetables maintain body functioning. Then, to make sure that the body will not be susceptible to any sickness, food rich in Vitamin C should be added in the meal. Eat well to function well.

3. Focus on one task at a time

Multitasking comes with a context switch cost. To help you focus more, use the Pomodoro Technique. Pick your most important task, set a timer to 25 minutes and work on the task for that set period of time. Then take a 3-5 minutes break and start again. It will help you focus and get appropriate rest throughout the day.Use tools for planning your weekly or daily tasks and keep track of your accomplish track like Week Plan.

4. Take showers or go for walks

This may sound silly, but taking a shower is relaxing and refreshing. How many times did you get great ideas in the shower? Don’t hesitate to take a shower at lunch time if it helps reset your mind. Walks can work too, but they are not as efficient as showers.

5. Smile

A simple smile lighten up others mood but also improve your own. Smiling and laughing helps attract positive vibes and luck.

6. Prioritize your tasks

By categorizing your tasks by urgency and importance, you will start to be able to remove items in your todo list that can wait. Consider using a weekly planner app that can help you categorize your tasks this way to help you realize what really matters to you.

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