5 Must Have Stylish Saree Collection

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While the saree has been a fashion staple of Indian women for centuries, multiple trends have been invented related to carrying it lately. Bollywood actresses such as Rekha have invented a trend of their own, and in films, actresses have set the bar high. Women have developed expectations of exquisite saree looks with the intricate patterns and designs of sarees with their fall flying in the air! To realise your dream of acquiring and carrying such a saree to make a style statement, we bring you a saree collection of the five must-have stylish sarees for every woman! 

Astounding Saree Collection

Kanchipuram Silk

The Kanchipuram silk saree is a sumptuous, expensive saree made of pure mulberry silk thread. It is adorned with the golden zari work on it. It is accompanied by a plethora of designs, such as temple borders, stripes, checks and sometimes floral, to offer it a traditional look. This saree is the most-worn saree in the southern part of India, especially by the brides and is an amazing piece in the wedding sarees collection. 

The Kanchipuram silk saree symbolises opulence with its rich texture, design and style. It is highly comfortable and perfect to be carried on any occasion. This saree has gained more admiration from the people in the north after watching it exhibited by Rekha- the famous Indian actress. She carries it with style at almost all major events. It is a must-have saree that should be in your wardrobe. The price of a Kanchipuram sarees go up to lakhs of rupees! 

Banarasi Saree

A Banarasi saree offers the boldest look to women in any saree ever! It works wonders when carried with the best jewellery and a bun. This sari that originated from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh is perfect wear for any woman. It is created by making use of the finest silk in the country. Its intricate golden or silver work offers it an opulent and rich look. 

The wardrobe of a woman is incomplete without the Banarasi sarees collection. One Banarasi saree is made in 15-30 days and is crafted precisely. The Banarasi sarees come mostly in bold colours such as red, purple, orange, dark green etc. But nowadays, in vogue are the Banarasi sarees in pastel colours such as light green, move, pastel yellow etc., which make you turn heads wherever you go! 

Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees are the best way to step up your style game without compromising comfort. It is the best alternative for casual or office wear and is necessary for every woman for the new trend sarees collection. Girls wear these sarees in their farewells and college meet-ups to be in the limelight. Today, cotton sarees come in a variety of designs, styles and eye-catching colours that make women fall in love with them at first sight. It is a sophisticated and elegant saree type that is perfect for corporate events and in places where you want to portray a decent and sober look. You can match the sarees with multiple blouse styles to make it more awe-struck. And the best part- the fabric is so soft and permeable that you can wear it on hot summer days too! 

Net Saree

Net sarees are the most sensual and sultry sarees ever! They are crafted from a see-through transparent material with jute and silk fabrics. The net saree’s distinct design is due to its heavily embroidered border and thick zari and lace work. Net sarees can be simple and elegant to highly embroidered and party wear. 

They come with magnificent designs and patterns with well-executed blends of colours. If you are a lover of sarees looking for a new designer sarees collection and wish to add a tint of modernity to your traditional look, a net saree is a perfect option. You must have at least one net saree in your wardrobe for special occasions where you wish to stand out from a crowd and catch the attention of everyone. 

Digital Print Saree

The saree designs that are irreplaceable in vogue today are digital print sarees. They are often made of faux fabric or georgette, which are airy and make them suitable for the summer. These chic and comfortable sarees come in limitless designs made with digital print. They help you make a bold and distinct style statement and are a must-have for your new sarees design collection.

These sarees come in unique colours such as black, grey, brown, and light or pastel tones such as shades of pink, green, blue etc. The hottest trend in digital print sarees are those with floral patterns and blends of unique colour combinations such as grey and blue. They enhance the look of the women with a good height and make women look slim too! With the perfect accessories, you can become the talk of the town by wearing this saree! 

Styling a Saree Perfectly

Styling a saree involves a lot of precision and should be a well-thought process. It involves two steps- 


Choosing the perfect saree is not easy, especially when purchasing online. You need to focus on multiple aspects of the saree before adding it to your sarees collection, such as the fabric, design, style etc. The saree should be durable, especially if you buy a net or a digital print. You surely do not want your saree to be torn amid a function! 

The second thing should be the fabric type depending on the season you want to wear it. If you wish to wear the sarees in summer, it is advised you do not purchase heavy sarees with a cloth material that gives you sweat all the time. Also, keep in mind the purpose before purchasing the sarees. You do not want to look dull on a special occasion or too much on a regular office day! 


Your saree should be styled based on the occasion and the place you are wearing it. E.g. for special occasions, you can carry your saree with heavy jewellery such as earrings and bangles to get a comprehensive and elegant look. However, when going to the office or a corporate meeting, you should carry only minimal jewellery such as studs and a bracelet. 

So what are you waiting for? Start hunting for the perfect sarees to add to your Indian new sarees collection. The internet is brimming with beautiful designs and patterns and some exquisite pieces of sarees. Keeping in mind the tips mentioned above, buy one for yourself today! 


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