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Reasons Why People Rejected Window Curtains and Accepted Window Blinds

Last Updated on April 1, 2024 by Ali Hamza

If you are moving to a new house and want to dress windows, you will choose blinds or curtains. It’s a tough task which covering should be preferred. Before buying any of them, you should have complete information about blinds and curtains. You should have complete information about their cost, maintenance, installation process, and cost and light controls. The whole research process takes time. Today, I will discuss all major points about blinds and curtains. I will fully assist you by giving complete information about the major benefits of window blinds and curtains.

Blinds Appearance

Blinds give a new look to the room. By installing blinds room feel spacious and comfortable. By using blinds a modern and neat look appears. They are permanent solutions as compared to curtains. Blinds also enhance the charm of living space. While by using curtains, an unnecessary volume increases in the room. These are also the perfect solution for the smaller windows of the kitchen. If you install curtains or window blinds it will give a bulky look while installing wooden blinds on kitchen windows will give a new look. Blinds are also much beneficial in the terms of light and privacy.

Curtains Appearance

Curtains are more stylish as compared to blinds. They are more luxurious and pleasant as compared to blinds. As they are larger, so they look more elegant on the floor of the room. Curtains are available in different sizes. Curtains come with different textures and colors. They are available in different styles and in shapes which enhance the beauty of drawing or common room. Curtains help in blocking the light and noise of neighbors.

Blinds Collection

Blinds are available in different options. The most famous type of blinds is Roller and Vertical blinds. Many others are Venetian, pleated, wooden, blackout, and roman blinds. Blinds are available in two versions automated and manual. Automated blinds can be controlled using a remote and they are single-shaded. While manual blinds can be controlled by string and they are double shaded. The best function of blinds is they can be opened and closed partially or fully with the help of a remote or string.

Curtains Collection

Curtains are also available in different categories. They differ in size. Mainly they come in 6 to 7 sizes. Their sizes are 63, 84, 95,108, and 120 inches. Before going to buy blinds, measurement is important from the ground to the top of the window. Usually, people use 95 inches curtains if they want to gather enough fabric on the ground. They look more elegant in large rooms or rooms which have taller windows. They can be distinguished based on hang-on rods. These are mainly defined based on colors, fabric, and in their pattern.

Cost Value of Blinds and Curtains

It is a difficult process to provide an accurate estimate of the cost value of curtains and blinds. The reason behind it varies from each other in terms of material, colors, length, and fabric. An average curtain cost is $20 to $200 while an average cost of a blind is $18 to $210. The main difference comes in their installation. Curtains are more expensive compared to blinds in the terms of installation. However, they both lie in the same price bracket if we don’t consider their installation.

Blinds Installation

Blinds can easily be installed by anyone. They require a simple technique to install. In blinds installation you have to install brackets above to windows and after it attaches it to the brackets. And in the final step, cover the rail with casing and your blinds are ready to protect your privacy.

Curtains Installation

Curtains require a proper installation process. Before installation, you have to mark to windows where you have to install to curtains. In marked points install the rod through which fabric will move. The rod rests on brackets that are mounted on the top of window screws. Curtains are much more expensive in installation as compared to blinds.

Blinds Maintenance

Blinds cleaning depends on the type of blinds. If you have single-panel blinds, they are easy to clean. They can be easily cleaned at home within a short time and effort. While if you have individual slats type blinds, they take more time and effort in cleaning. They can also be cleaned at home but they will take more time as we have to clean each slat one by one. You can dust or vacuum blinds also.

Curtains Maintenance

Curtains are difficult to clean as compared to blinds. You have to take off the rod completely when you clean or wash curtains. Curtains do not require more maintenance. But removing rods whenever we have to wash them is a difficult and time taking process.

Light Controls of Blinds

Blinds provide great light control options. You can completely or partially block the light according to your current mood and weather condition. You can block complete light by shutting off slats of blinds. While you may allow partially light by tilting the slats of the blinds. The only drawback of blinds is light creeps in cracks even slats are fully closed.

Light Controls of Curtains

Curtains provide fewer light control options as compared to blinds. By using curtains you can block light fully. Curtains do not give partial light control as blinds provide. They keep the room light in sunlight even when they are fully closed.

Final Words

In terms of cost and benefits, blinds are the best option as compared to curtains. If you want to dress your window with perfection and want unique features then you have to go with blinds. If you are still confused about which covering should be chosen for the window then visit our website 1Click Blinds or simply comment below.

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