4 Ways To Celebrate Your Engagement This Summer

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You are finally doing it. You said, “yes,” and you are getting married. It is definitely a time to celebrate and share the moment with your family, but how do you share your special news. A private boat charter San Diego is one option to celebrate your new engagement, but is it too extravagant? How much celebrating does your engagement need anyway? Maybe it is best to save all the celebrating for the big day. Nope! Celebrating an engagement is an important step in your relationship, and it is important.

Why It’s Important To Celebrate Your Engagement

While you may be all excited about looking into all-inclusive boat wedding packages, you cannot forget to celebrate the engagement milestone. Many couples do not feel a need to celebrate their engagement because they are already living together and sharing a life. They feel like the only thing that has changed with an engagement is the ring. 

An engagement is so much more than just a symbolic gesture. When you propose or accept an engagement, you are recommitting yourself to the relationship. Additionally, your spouse-to-be and you now remove any potential doubt that you are both the loves of each other’s lives. If that isn’t worth celebrating, what is?

Making Your Engagement Celebration Memorable

You do not want to just celebrate your engagement; you want to make the celebration memorable. Many people do not know how to throw a big, memorable gathering, so it might be wise to hire an engagement party planner. However, if you are confident in your party planning abilities, you might consider trying a top-four celebration, especially if it is the summer.

1. Bonfire

Nothing says summer like a bonfire on a beach. You can make an entire day out of the event. Gather all of your friends and family early in the afternoon for some swimming or surfing, then feed everyone with a simple BBQ or catered surf-and-turf. Then, close out the evening with a spectacular bonfire, music, and dancing.

2. Private Boat Outing

Some couples are more private with their celebrations. If you do not want a huge shindig to celebrate your engagement, consider scheduling a private boat outing or tour and inviting only family and a few friends. 

3. Engagement Party

You can always throw a traditional engagement party. You can rent out a banquet room at a favorite restaurant or have an at-home party with catered foods. There is nothing wrong with keeping festivities traditional and classic.

4. Hotel Reservations

Who says you need to invite anyone to share in the engagement celebration. Sometimes, the best thing to do is share a memorable weekend with your future spouse. Take a romantic trip, make a hotel reservation, and celebrate together.

Congratulations on your engagement. You and your significant other have made a big decision to share your lives together. Make sure you take the time to celebrate this milestone. If you are unsure how to celebrate your engagement and make it memorable, talk to an engagement party planner.

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