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Spacious Home With Appropriate House Extension by Archimedes Designs

Loft Conversions Southwark and house extension Barnet are the services offered by Archimedes’ designs in these respective cities. So, if you are based in these cities you can have these excellent services with us. 

All about loft conversion

Aloft is the place directly below the roof of your house. It is the place that is often left untreated as it is just the extra space of a house that is not in use. However, if you think of it in an innovative way this extra space loft could be the space that you can use for many purposes. The few most common uses of loft that you can have after converting it are;


Finding space for the things that are precious to you is hard. Especially when your house is not big and with all the other things you have to throw or give away certain things to manage the storage space, additional storage is something that is a dream come true.

We all have things that we don’t use but we can’t muster up the courage to throw or give them away. These could be the valuables of our loved ones that left us or could be the childhood memories that you want to keep for life. All these things need space where they can be stored.

Finding that storage space in your cabinet or the wardrobe can be difficult, so additional storage space is required. You can have this additional space by converting your loft into an extra room for storage.


If you are an introvert and want to have the space for yourself then your loft could be the perfect hideout for you. On the other hand, if you are an extrovert and want to have a private space with your friends then you can have the perfect hideout where you and your friends can have your gathering.

So, the loft is not a mere space that is useless, instead, it could be the best place for your house. You just have to know where to go to turn it into the room that fulfills your needs to have additional space. 


Extra room

If your family is increasing or you are expecting another child, then it’s time to have a room for your eldest kid. This issue can be resolved easily if you convert the loft of your house into an additional room. Thus, even if your family is increasing you don’t have to move to a bigger space.

With an additional soul in your house, the expenses would be doubled already, so there is no need to add extra to them when you can manage your resources easily. There is an alternative of loft conversion as well if you need more space, and that is a house extension. Through house extension, you could change the structure of your house the way you want according to your demands.

Need of house extension

A most house extension is needed when your family is increasing. You need to have a house large enough to accommodate all your family. You can move to a bigger house but that costs a lot.

So, there is a better way available in the market through which you don’t have to spend the extra money and you can have a house large enough for your family as well. This is where the house extension pitch is. House extension is the phenomenon in which structural modifications are done in your house.

Whether an additional story is added or sometimes the structure of the rooms is changed. Anyway, with every possible way your house is changed to have your family easily.

Many people think that house extensions cost a lot. Well, no these are all bogus lies. The amount you need to pay depends on the scale of the work. No matter how much work you want, it would still cost you less than purchasing or moving to a new place.

Enhance market worth

House Extensions Barnet or loft conversion is a little investment that can bring you a lot of profit later. In general, people think that they are changing the structure of their place so it would negatively affect their place. However, in actuality, it is the opposite of that. So consider these options in a positive light. If you wish to find out more about second storey extension in Melbourne be sure to check out Supa Group.

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How do you make a spacious house?

Creating a spacious house requires a thoughtful approach to layout and the design. To start, it is important to consider the function of each room and how it will be used. Open floor plans with multi-functional spaces can be a great way to maximize the square footage of a home while still providing distinct areas for different activities. Additionally, ample natural light can make a home feel more spacious and inviting, so incorporating large windows or skylights can be beneficial.

In terms of design, choosing a light color palette for walls, floors, and furnishings can also make a home feel more open and airy. Minimalism can also help create a sense of spaciousness by reducing clutter and allowing the eye to move more freely throughout the space. Clever storage solutions can also help keep a home organized and tidy, contributing to spaciousness. Finally, incorporating outdoor living areas such as patios, decks, or balconies can expand the usable living space of a home and provide a connection to the natural world.

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