CCNA, CCNP And CCIE A Comprehensive Overview

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an entry-level qualification in Cisco’s post-sales engineer certification system and is the lowest level of technical certification among Cisco certifications. By passing the Cisco CCNA, you can master the basics of networking and prove that you can initially install, configure, and operate Cisco routers, switches, and simple local and wide area networks.


The CCNA has recently undergone a major overhaul of its testing system. Unlike the regular renewal system, which has been held once every three years, the test content has been significantly adjusted. The most important of these is the removal of some non-applicable subjects and CCNPs such as OSPF (routing protocol), EIGRP (routing protocol), VLSM (variable length subnet mask), and NAT (network address translation).

Required content has been added to CCNA’s learning and certification requirements. Cisco believes that there are two main reasons for such significant changes in course and exam content: External Reasons-The IT industry is currently placing high demands on CCNA talent and can improve the market competitiveness of Cisco students. Internal Reasons-Facing an outflow of exam questions, the exam agency does not update the exam questions on a regular basis.

Introduction Of CCNP

CCNP certified individuals can install, configure, and operate LANs, WANs, and dial-up access services for large corporate networks with 100-500 nodes or more. Available protocols are IP, IGRP, IPX, Asynchronous Routing, Access List, Routing, IP RIP, Redistributable, Extended, AppleTalk, RIP, Route Summary, OSPF, VLSM, BGP, Serial, Frame Relay, ISDN, ISSL, X .25, DDR, PSTN, PPP, etc. (but not limited to these). VLAN, Ethernet, access list, 802.11, FDDI, transparent bridge and lance retardal bridge.


To take the CCNP Certification in Rome, you must first pass the CCNA certification exam. The syllabus for the CCNP exam has changed many times. Currently, there are two ways to get the latest CCNP.

Getting Started With CCIE

The official name of CCIE is Cisco Certified Internet Expert, a qualification at the top of Cisco’s accreditation system. In the IT field, CCIE is generally regarded as the top talent in the network technology field.


You do not need to obtain any other Cisco qualifications before taking the CCIE exam. You must pass the written exam (commonly known as CCIE Writer) before taking the Cisco Laboratory Operations Exam (CCIE Lab). Written exams and labs. Written exams are called qualification exams. As the name implies, you cannot take the lab exam unless you pass the written exam.

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