Regular Car Wash Is Good For Your Car

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In addition to getting the paintwork shiny, regular car washing also helps maintain your car’s exterior. The season of different seasons gives all your car different challenges that erode it. Rain, sleet, ice, sand and more all wear out on your car’s paintwork and undercarriage. Therefore, regular car washes are good about once a month. Our Bilvask is equipped with a foam brush that is both thorough and gentle on your car. Our car wash in Roskilde maintains your car so that it not only has an enviably beautiful appearance, but also has a lower risk of damage to the paint and undercarriage.

Environmentally friendly car wash

When you wash a car, it is important that you also think about the environment. Many people mistakenly think that it is worse to wash a car in a car washer than at home. But if you wash your car in a car wash, there will be far less water waste. A car wash consumes less water than if you wash by hand. In addition, dangerous and toxic chemicals, such as oil, can often be discharged into the sewer when washing a car. This is illegal as you must not discharge contaminated water. There may therefore be several environmentally friendly reasons to choose car wash in a car wash.

At Xn–, your car gets absolutely special treatment. As one of the first in Denmark, Xn– offers cleaning of the car using steam. That technique is not only more thorough, it is also less harmful to the environment than traditional car wash.

This SPOT deal provides a complete car wash from Xn–

. You choose whether you want the car wash done at Xn– in Aarhus V., or in the department in Risskov, which opens on 28 March. When you book your time, you can choose where you want your car wash done.

Car wash includes

  • Steam washing of your entire car, including rims, windows and mirrors
  • Vacuuming of seats, floors, carpets, mats and luggage compartments
  • Cleaning of panels, seats and windows
  • Disinfection and removal of odors inside the car
  • Wax treatment that leaves the car shiny and beautiful


  • If your car falls into the category “between cars”, the savings are 57% (sedan) or 62% (station wagon).
  • If your car falls under the “small car” category, the saving is 50% (Hatch-back).
  • If you have a 7-seater car, DKK 100 is paid directly to Green Steam Carwash.

Thorough and environmentally friendly

Xn– uses an absolutely fantastic system that turns one liter of water into a full 1700 liters of dry steam, which means you can clean the entire car with just three liters of water. By comparison, at least 200 liters of water are used for a regular car wash. The steam method also makes the use of various chemicals superfluous, as the hot steam penetrates everywhere and kills bacteria on both metal and textiles.

When the car gets a steam wash at Xn–, you not only avoid damaging the environment, but you also avoid causing damage to your car. Unlike brushes, steam does not leave scratches in the paint – just as steam, unlike soap and chemicals, gives a nicer result. The steam sink takes approx. 45 minutes.
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