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7 Home Improvement Projects to Do This Spring

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Spring is in the air, sending homeowners scrambling to upgrade or refresh their homes. The longer days and nicer weather naturally inspire families to get going on the much-needed home improvement projects. Here are seven of the best home improvement projects that you can consider tackling this spring.

Give Worn Areas a Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing freshens up your space faster than a new coat of paint. Regardless of if you want to inject life into a room in your home or improve the curb appeal of your house by painting the exterior, this is a spring home improvement project that will pay big dividends. For something unique, consider using slack-lime paint to create a lime washed brick for a distressed yet modern look to any room. Or use this paint on an accent area on the exterior of your home.

Replace Gutters

Well-functioning gutters are essential when the spring and summer showers fire up. This makes it important to inspect these conduits of water so you know that they are draining properly. You will want to fix any issues and replace the gutters as needed. Problems to look for include rust, cracks, and mold. Be sure to clean out the debris that may have accumulated in the gutters during the winter season. This will prevent water from pooling down around the house, possibly damaging the structure of the home.

Replace or Refresh Windows

The spring season is also an ideal time to replace your home’s windows. Start this process by inspecting for damage to the existing windows. With the heat of summer on the way, you will want to make sure that all of your windows are properly sealed. Signs of impending issues include damaged weather stripping, air leaks, cracks in the window glass, poor insulation, and the presence of condensation between double-paned windows. Most windows ideally should last between 15 and 20 years. If you know that your house is due for an upgrade, now may be the time to get it done.

Upgrade Backyard Deck or Front Porch

With summer just around the corner, this is a great time to upgrade your backyard deck or your front porch. You will love that you have this place to gather once the summer rolls around. Even if you do not replace an outdoor area entirely, you may want to consider making improvements to an existing structure. There is no doubt that the inclement weather conditions of winter can be hard on decks and porches. Be sure to inspect for rotted wood or other signs of decay. If you live in an area prone to bugs, you will likely appreciate the benefits of adding a screened-in porch.

Clean Lawn Furniture and Grill

While you are improving your outdoor gathering space, be sure to take time to hose down all of your lawn furniture. This is also a good opportunity to clean your barbecue grill. Doing all of these tasks now will ensure that you are ready for fun once the nice weather arrives.

Build a Fire Pit

If you are looking to create your own personal outdoor oasis, you cannot go wrong with adding a custom fire pit to your landscape. A fire pit immediately makes any outdoor space cozier and more inviting. This is an easier project to pull off on your own than you might think. You will need a flat piece of the yard without any tree branches nearby. Most people use large stones or concrete blocks to construct their fire pits. Building it yourself allows you to make it the perfect size and shape for your needs.

Update Your Address Display or Mailbox

Want to do something easy and affordable? Consider updating the address display on the front of your home. This will instantly change the aesthetic of your home. You can also install a new mailbox for little cost and work on your part. Or you may want to think about painting an existing mailbox or adding some potted plants and flowers around the base to freshen up the look.

These seven ideas should provide you with the inspiration that you need to get working around the house.

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