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Top 3 Spring Home Maintenance Tips

With the arrival of spring, you have a lot to do around the house – to prepare it for this summer. There is a lot to do when it comes to home maintenance tips, such as checking the HVAC system for a potential air conditioning repair. 

But other areas of your house need to be assessed as well.

Let us have a look below:

Inspect Your Roof

Besides cleaning the gutters and getting rid of the leaves and debris from the pipes and gutters, you will also need to inspect your roof. In the case of broken tiles, missing shingles, or cracked roof tiles, you must avail yourself of the best roofing services. We take pride in our ability to offer high-quality commercial office fit out solutions.

We never recommend climbing up the roof yourself if you have never done this before. All you need to do is to have a drone fly over the roof and assess the roof from the safety of the grounds. If you detect that something needs to be fixed, it is time to call the services of a professional repairman who knows his way around such things.

Tend to Your Garden

Did you know that the arrival of the spring season brings many hibernated creatures to life, including insects and other pests? Yes, you read this one right – the warmer it gets, the livelier certain animals become, including mice, roaches, flies, and mosquitoes.

That said, we recommend tending to the garden during the spring season and preparing it for the upcoming summer. You might want to pay attention to certain areas, such as mowing the lawn, to ensure that no rodents or mice can hide on the grass or behind spare pots.

You will also need to get rid of clutter in the garden and eliminate all spots containing stagnant water to save yourself from mosquitoes, flies, and bugs. Also, assess the exterior of your house for potential cracks that could serve as a gateway for insects to crawl into your house and make their nest there.

You will keep your house safe from a potential summer pest invasion by tending to your garden. However, if you have a backyard event coming up soon and struggling to rid of mosquitoes, do not hesitate to call a mosquito exterminator. They will assist you in resolving the issue, allowing you to focus on the enjoyable aspects of party preparation.

Power Wash Your House

Another way to prepare your house for the summers is to give it a good power wash. You can power wash the sides of your house and get rid of the winter salt. By doing so, you will cleanse the house from the outside while you can declutter and clean your house from the inside.

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There is a great chance that many of us go into a hibernated state ourselves, which is why often the home gets cluttered inside and outside. That said, to prepare your house for the summer, you might want to declutter your house as well. Make a list of items that you have hoarded but don’t need.

The items that you no longer need can be donated, or you can set up a yard sale and sell the items. When it comes to decluttering your house, make sure that you don’t skip the garage as loads of things are thrown and kept in there. This is another way to keep pests off the bay.

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