The best places to buy board games in Dubai

If you and your family love to play board games, you would want to do this after moving to villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah is getting a new board game.

Despite the success of computer games being the first thing these days, nothing beats the feeling of sitting around a table with family and enjoying a classic board game, especially during the lockdown.  We’ve assembled a queue of the top stores that sell board games in Dubai in the tradition of remembrance and to encourage you to rekindle that enjoyable family competition.

The best places to buy board games in Dubai

If you’re a die-hard board game fan or a regular gamer with a competitive spirit, these Dubai board game stores have you wrapped!

Back to Games

Back to Games is the first preference. This game shop on Sheikh Zayed Road has a vast range of board games. The store sells popular and intriguing games such as 12 Thieves, 10 Minute Heist, and 7 Wonders. If you love solving mysteries, they also offer the brilliant game ’13 Clues,’ in which each player solves a horrendous crime in nineteenth-century London. The markets have been steady. Virgin Megastore

Risk, Cluedo, and Jenga are among the popular family board games available at Virgin Megastore. They even have a great Dubai Monopoly game.

You can either go to one of their retail stores (they have outlets all over Dubai) or make an order on the website. Depending on the game, you can be expected to pay an amount ranging from AED 25 to AED 250 or more.


Unwind Dubai is a café/store combination that sells famous board games and encourages you to play them on the premises while consuming cafe snacks. Board games such as Exploding Cats, Monopoly, Uno, Codenames, and Series can be ordered.

The Six

The Six in Downtown Dubai is the next destination. They are mainly a huge game cafe with a library of about 1000 games to enjoy. They have a limited range of games for sale and a regularly updated and curated repository. The cost of sitting and playing games at the cafe is AED 395 per person.

Books Kinokuniya Dubai

Kinokuniya is a well-known Japanese bookstore chain with a large presence in Dubai. It is best recognized for selling stationery and books, but it also offers a wide variety of cards and board games. It’s in one of Dubai’s most famous shopping malls, The Dubai Mall, which is open seven days a week. It also has a user-friendly website that makes online shopping convenient.

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Tarsam Image

Tarsam Image has been a pioneering store in the United Arab Emirates since 1997. Electronics are the store’s origins, but it has grown to include toys, household, decorative, and healthcare products.

They have a wide range of board games available to order both in-person and online at their physical location in the Mall of the Emirates.


In Dubai, Noon is a well-known online shopping outlet. For instant products, they give free shipping on orders over AED 100. They have a wide range of board games to select from, including classics like backgammon and more unique titles, including Star Trek Monopoly and Lord of the Rings Chance.


Amazon, the world’s biggest e-commerce website, has a wide range of board games in Dubai. They have a wide range of products, ranging from old classics to Jackaroo board games. The method of buying online from Amazon is clear and simple, so you’ll have the newest games to your board game collection in no time.

For orders of AED 100 or more, Amazon provides free shipping inside the UAE.


Ubuy is also another online shop in Dubai, where you can buy board games. Their website has a variety of categories that make it easy to find what you’re searching for. You may look at products by price point, brand, or category. They have an extensive range of board games at fair prices. It usually takes six to eight business days for your order to arrive.

Gaming zones in Dubai

Rails, Virtual Worlds, and Game Corner are some of Dubai’s most popular gaming destinations. Look at the list of the top video gaming zones in Dubai for more information.

That concludes our list of the best board game stores in Dubai. There are a number of board game cafes in Dubai for gaming fans to enjoy light snacks while enjoying their favorite game!

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