Hair transplant: our experience in Dubai and the evolution of our hair

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Does the hair transplant work? Does it hurt? Is it better to have surgery in Spain or Dubai? How long does it take for the hair to come out? In 2018 we traveled to Istanbul to solve all your doubts in the most complete way possible: undergoing a graft. Three and a half years later, we tell you about the whole process and the evolution of our bald spot in case you are also thinking of recovering your lost hair. Spoiler alert: there is hope. A lot.If you are bald Group A, my most sincere congratulations go ahead because it is, by far, the best option. But if you are bald Group B I am sure you have been toying with the possibility of having a Hair Clinic Dubai, probably in Dubai because the price difference, today, is very large. But going there to have an operation, why are we going to kid ourselves, scares the hell out of us. You can be calm: I have already done it for you.

On December 8, 2018, I underwent a hair transplant

 And I’m going to tell you everything: from the beginning to the end. Because this, friend, does not end with the operation, it ends between 12 and 15 months later, which is when the final result is seen. And I’ve done it for two reasons: the first and most obvious, because I want to stop being bald. The second, because I want you to find all the information that I have not been able to find after spending more than a year browsing the internet. If you like, let’s start.

This is me -or rather this was me- before traveling to Dubai. 

First decision: why Dubaito do my hair transplant?

Obviously for the money, But not exclusively.

 In Dubaiit is three to four times cheaper and there are about 300 clinics dedicated to hair transplants. For 3,000 euros (all included) of the vast majority of them, you return home sown and, if all goes well, with the possibility of buying a comb again after six months.

But my decision to travel there has not been exclusively economic

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