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In general, lotteries are widely considered the least taboo form of gambling. That is so because they feature winning odds that most people consider a recreational pastime unlikely to produce prizes. Hence, those that partake in chance-based draws do not overspend when indulging in them. Rarely do lottery gambling addicts exist that have reached the point of financial ruin, even though lottery-style games also get offered at casinos, offline and online. 

Keno is likely Bingo’s top competitor in the USA with several online sites hosting the game daily. Virtually all American states that have legalized lotteries have local commissions that regulate them, and Vegas venues like The Plaza, the D, Bally’s, and Harrah’s have dedicated keno parlors. So, there is no shortage of keno gambling options for those willing to give it a shot. Total newbies should first check out the guide presented below that illustrates a step-by-step process on how gamblers test their luck on keno draws.

Keno Gameplay – A Step By Step Explanation

A keno round begins with a player receiving a card that contains numbers, usually from one to eighty. These correspond to numbered balls in a machine that uses air to remove twenty, one by one, from the pool of eighty when the draw begins. Real money online games work the same, but instead of a mechanical gadget, an algorithm called a random number generator does this selection.

Steps to play Keno:

1. Get a card. Physical or digital.

2. Pick a set of figures, up to twelve, from an 8×10 grid holding all the numbers from one to eighty.

3. Most games (offline and online) allow a quick-pick function that automatically and randomly chooses the selected numbers. Regardless if a player or software picks them, the winning odds remain the same in every draw.

4. Once the numbers are selected, a bet size must be determined. Physical draws statewide/nationwide usually have a fixed wager amount, offering a chance for gamblers to play the same numbers in different rounds. Online, things can work a bit differently. Internet games feature varied betting options.

5. After the card submission deadline passes, the keno machine/game begins the draw, randomly picking twenty balls.

6. Depending on the hit ratio of the submitted card, the gambler will win a prize analogous to one listed in a pre-defined paytable.

7. Some casinos offer a progressive jackpot, where a pot grows from losing bets until some hits the lucky twenty-number combo.

Keno Tips & Tricks

Is there a skill to play keno? No, there is not. No definite how-to-win guide exists. Keno is 100% a chance-based game. That is why it is available at brick-and-mortar and internet casinos. Because it is gamblers betting against an operator in a contest with an uncertain result that both parties cannot predict.

Consequently, many of the keno strategies that people bandy about are nothing more than fallacies that have gotten repeated enough that many players believe that there is some truth. These include picking cold numbers, ones that have not hit in previous draws, as the law of probability should suggest that they have a higher chance to show up soon, and selecting consecutive figures. Both these approaches don’t work because each draw offers the same odds that any one of the eighty numbers used in a draw will come up. Nothing can affect this probability, and pattern selection plays no role in correctly predicting winning outcomes.

Essentially, the only thing gamblers can do to improve the odds of ending their session with more money than when they began it is to pick online games with the lowest house edge available and claim bonuses that let them do some on-the-house gambling.

Casino Keno vs. Online Keno

As a rule of thumb, there is no difference between traditional 80-ball keno in casino hall games and at gambling sites. That said, interactive gaming platforms offer various forms of video keno, which feature slot-like specs. Therefore, it is not unusual to find online keno games with RTPs from around 92% to 96% and max payouts of x10,000. These are also playable on most modern iOS and Android devices, accepting multiple bet sizes on digital draws.

The differences from one online keno game to another are dramatic. For instance, Banana Keno from Caleta has a max bet option of $5, while InBet Games’ Disco Keno has a maximum betting cap of $1,000 per round, even though the step-by-step process on how to play keno in both is the same.

Aside from the famous 80-ball, 40-ball, Super/Power Keno versions, Keno Fortunes and Keno Draw are online options to consider.

This article was written in collaboration with gambling experts.

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