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Switch it up with Herbal Color for your Grey Hair

There is a very good possibility that you have grey hair otherwise what is the use of reading this blog. It might be for your parents, but then fair enough, you are on the right trail. Herbal Color for Grey Hair has the ability to completely dye and transform your look and outlook, no pun intended, towards the coloring of hair when your head is full of grey hair. 

A lot of people go forward with the whole head of grey hair, no additional dyes or touch-ups are required. Hats off to them, they are setting a trend in themselves. Following in this footsteps, a lot of people like to keep it both black and white with no need to cover up the greys. They even call it salt and pepper. Is that how people make trends now? Well, cmon now that’s funny!

Grey hair abides any hair color dye because the hair shaft has lost all of the pigment which comes from melanin. Therefore the greys have the advantage of going for multiple colors and the artist in you might be thrilled to do browns, yellows, wine reds, or maybe a rainbow full head will suffice, no! Currently, with this basic information, would you dye your hair with a chemical dye or herbal dye?

Well, it is a wise thing to run with a herbal hair dye from all factors. Firstly you don’t have to bleach your hair for the preferred hair colour to pop out and secondly, the chemicals are dodged altogether which further keeps the healthiness of your hair strands in a presentable manner. Accordingly opting for Herbal Color for Grey Hair is a convenient prospect for your locks.

Switch it up with Herbal Color for your Grey Hair

Perks of choosing Herbal Color for Grey Hair

With the growing awareness about their side effects, more and more people are shifting to natural hair dyeing methods for long-term benefits. It is an organic product which means there are absolute perks for the same. On top of the organic benefits, the grey hairs already act as a flawless base for the herbal color to recollect and attain the goodness of nature and nourishment along with a beautiful colour. 

Herbal hair colors are completely chemical-free. It has no trace of toxins like PPD, ammonia, and peroxide. If you happen to be allergic to any of those chemicals then natural hair care is your best preference ever sans the allergies and the ointment treatments or recovery time that follow up.

It’s very straightforward in the application and lasts longer without damaging your hair. Tons of consumers in India and overseas regularly use henna as a hair conditioner. The basic dye is taken from henna to enrich the quality. This becomes a multipurpose product.

Now with the herb-based product, they’ll get the advantage of conditioner because the hue of their dye becomes a cherry on top. The health of hair is important. Particularly evolved for the keenest customers, the latest trend has been embraced modernly without compromising on the benefit of natural ingredients, like natural henna. The affordable range of herbal hair colors nurtures the hair while dyeing them.

If you’re trying to find chemical-free hair colors which will cover grays, strengthen your hair, and add shine, then this can be the most effective product for you. Our herbal blonde hair colors are flawless and proficient for those that are searching for a long-lasting solution to their hair color woes. Even if you want to retain your black color then, people have been using henna and indigo powder in correct proportions to make a black hair dye. KEO also offers these magic dyes. This hair dye has a lot more hair colors to offer along with these blonde hair colors.

Here are some of the herbal blonde colors that you can look into for your greys. Our Herbal Blonde Hair Color has colors like HERBAL HONEY BLONDE, HERBAL GOLDEN BLONDE, HERBAL BLONDE, HERBAL LIGHT BLONDE, and NEUTRAL HENNA. Once you try this absolutely great product, you will be satisfied every time.

KEO is leading in herbal hair color manufacturers because they manufacture products without any percentage of chemicals like Ammonia and PPD. Your hair will be flawless in our herbal blonde colors and you would never go back to chemically bleached hair! They manufacture organic and herbal hair color with the help of natural Henna, Indigo, and Indian Herbs adding to the organic attributes of nature. 

Our brand, Kirpal Export Overseas (KEO), is a globally leading manufacturer and exporter of natural products such as Natural Henna Powder, Natural Hair Colors, Henna Based Hair Colors (with a very low % of chemicals), Fast Acting Henna Colors, Indigo Powder for hair coloring, and Indian herbs. These organic developments are tested with diverse parameters to deliver the best product satisfaction of natural products for the audience. 

Head over to the website to purchase from the finest herbal hair color manufacturers and have exquisite blonde hair.

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