The Best Hair Colour for Working Women

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Those of us who are working know how difficult it is to sit in front of the mirror just to spend some me time. That’s why, in between all the mad running around for office work and finishing household chores, we keep looking out for products and natural ingredients that would not just be safe for the body but also give us quick results. One such solution that many of us keep looking out for is a safe and natural hair colour.

Did you know that the best hair colour for working women is the organically natural gel hair colour? This popular opinion comes straight from the online users. The primary reasons for this review being;

  1. It’s quick and easy to apply
  2. It colours hair in just 35 minutes
  3. The colour lasts for up to a month
  4. You can do it all by yourself sitting in the comfort of your home—no parlours, no going to salons
  5. Effectively covers the resistant greys with a single application

Can you want more?

Thanks to this organically natural hair colour, it has now become super easy and practical to colour those greys on your own. No more parlour visits, no more wasting time waiting in lines for your turn to come. Now colour your hair smoothly sitting right at home, by spending not more than an hour without consulting any hair stylist.

The harm caused by chemical hair colours

Working women have to travel frequently. This lodges dirt, dust and pollution on their hair and scalp causing irreparable damages in the long run. The rate of this hair damage increases exponentially if you start putting chemicals on your head by using chemical hair colours. Harmful chemicals like Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide (Bleach), PPD and heavy metals like Barium and Lead bring in multiple hair problems like;

  1. Premature greying
  2. Premature hair loss
  3. Extreme allergies from PPD
  4. Deadly skin issues due to accumulations of heavy metals in skin pores as they do not wash away completely

The benefits of a gel based hair colour

  1. Easy to apply at home. You can do it all by yourself without going to a salon or consulting a professional hair colourist
  2. Works with pleasant aroma of fresh oranges giving you a pleasant colouring experience
  3. Offers multiple shades that render rich elegant hues to hair
  4. Comes free from harmful chemicals, which also makes it suitable for the normal skin types. Those with hypersensitive or allergy-prone skin must opt for powder-based natural and organic hair colours.
  5. Nourishes and moisturises hair to improve its texture and enhance natural shine.
  6. Effectively covers the greys with a single application.
  7. Its natural organic ingredients not just repair damaged hair, but also prevent further damages generally caused by chemical-based hair colours.

Which gel hair colour you must opt for?

Indus Valley New Damage-Free Gel Colour comes with the goodness of 8 certified organic herbs that not just colour your hair, but also nourish them from the inside out. The gel base makes it super easy to colour your hair at home. And what more, you can also choose between 6 exciting shades. Being ammonia-free, it also does not have any pungent smell; instead it carries the lingering aroma of fresh oranges. A single application would last for up to 5 weeks. All these qualities make the gel hair colour the best hair colour for working women. And being chemical-free, it is also recommended as safe by dermatologists for those with normal skin and hair type. Those with hypersensitive or allergy-prone skin must opt for their powder based 100% botanical hair colour.

In case you have more queries, feel free to write to us through your valuable comments below. Till then, stay beautiful, stay natural.

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