Do you want to know how to master chemistry? Do you wish to improve your chemistry knowledge? To begin learning chemistry, it is critical to remember that you must begin by properly preparing without wasting so much time. In chemistry, you can’t prioritize one topic above another. If you devote all of your attention to the chemical portion, you might lose competence in the inorganic portion. It is important to concentrate evenly on every section of chemistry if you wish to do well. You can use the class 12 chemistry ncert book as a source of learning to score better in your examinations. 

Guidelines to study chemistry in class 12-

Prepare the following questions ahead of time

It is critical to study the section and make notes in terms of putting a solid base. After you’ve finished reading and jotting down notes, you must answer the relevant questions at the end of every chapter. Your knowledge will be progressively boosted while completing the responses to the questions. You will discover various types of problems at the end of every chapter in the NCERT chemistry book which you can tackle after acquiring knowledge from the subject. You will instantly start preparing for the exams if you practice penning the answers to the back problems in the NCERT textbook. You must dispel the idea that getting good grades requires squeezing all of it in. However, once you begin dealing with problems on your own, you’ll have the courage to overcome more difficult problems. Start by answering the NCERT assessment problems to solidify your understanding. After you’ve completed the NCERT chemistry book’s problems, you can go on to different book questionnaires to gain additional knowledge.

Keep records of the data from the chemical formula

It is vital to highlight that the conceptual portion of chemistry might not be the most crucial component of the subject because learners must master various chemical equations to pass the examination. As a result, it’s a good idea to write all of the balanced chemical equations from each section individually on a different piece of paper. Putting the equation for the reaction will let you practice coping with it, and all these distinct records will come in helpful before an exam. If you overlook an equation for the reaction when studying, you can simply find it in your book by chapter. The only question left is which textbook to use to write out the equation for the chemical reactions. The ideal answer to this difficulty would be to use the NCERT chemistry textbook, which has all of the crucial balanced chemical equations that you will need to practice to do well on the chemistry exam.

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Handwrite observations

Studying the chapter is not just good since it forces you to identify and jot down the chapter’s most major facts. To put it another way, you should take notes on the most crucial components of chemistry. Then you might be wondering why you’re taking notes from the textbook directly. You should take some notes so that you can revise during the examination. The comments will not only assist you during the editing process, but they’ll also assist you in remembering key points. This has been proven by science that when a person writes down something he or she knows, that part is immediately remembered quite well. You write anything you comprehend while making your remarks. As a result, you will also have a deeper notion and will not have to look up all of it. You may quickly download ideas for NCERT chapters if you want a fully prepared notebook from that you can begin learning right away.

Start reading

It is critical to begin reading the chapters before making any assumptions about everything. After listening to the instructors’ teachings in the classroom, you must study the chapters from start to end by the end of that particular day. Studying isn’t the only thing that will help you grasp chemistry concepts. You must read it carefully enough to get the significance of every sentence. Now the challenge is, which chemistry textbook must you learn? It will be useful for you to begin reading the NCERT chemistry textbook since chemistry is a matter that requires a strong base. Analyzing every line of the NCERT chemistry book chapters might help you develop a firm knowledge of the subject. If you face difficulties comprehending a section of any chapter while studying, don’t try to ignore it; instead, try to figure out what it means.


You should acquire the NCERT class 12 chemistry book right away if you are willing to try and learn chemistry. Seeking expert assistance, on the other hand, can help you grasp chemistry more clearly. Expert assistance is available on the website of Infinity Learn. If you wish to improve your chemical knowledge, learn more with the help of the to get good results in your Chemistry class 12 examination.


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