Five New Instagram Features to Help You Grow Your Instagram Account

You need to make the most of every tool you have Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia to increase your Instagram account’s growth in 2018.

This is a far cry of how things used to be. It was easy for businesses to post great content on an ongoing basis and then watch their followers grow.

It’s not easy to gain more followers in today’s social environment (thanks to the omnipotent Instagram algorithm), but it’s possible.

It all boils down to knowing which Instagram features are most likely to get you noticed by more people and encouraging them to click the “follow” button on your profile.

Are you unsure where to begin? We’ll show you 5 Instagram features that will help you grow your Instagram profile. Ready? Let’s go!

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#1: It’s Time to Make the Switch to an Instagram Business Account

Instagram users have a new reason for switching to an Instagram business account… and it’s huge.

Accounts that converted to a business profile had access to many great features such as a “contact button”, Instagram Insights and the ability promote posts and add links in your Instagram Stories.

Instagram recently announced a significant change to their API. This allows Instagram business profiles to schedule single photos to Instagram without using push notifications.

With Later, you can now create posts that will be automatically published to Instagram.

In the past, to schedule an Instagram post with Later you had to open a push notice, copy your caption and hit “share” on the Instagram app. However, the API change means that your scheduled posts will now automatically post to your account at the times you choose.

You can save tons of time on your Instagram marketing by scheduling posts. This will allow you to spend more time growing your account.

However, this is not the only reason you should create an Instagram business account.

Take Instagram’s Insights function, for instance. Businesses can track their impressions, reach and engagement directly from the app.

Instagram ads can be run by business profiles. These are an extremely effective way for businesses generate sales and engage customers.

The same applies to the ability to add links in Instagram Stories if you have more than 10,000 followers. This trend is huge on Instagram right now and can help you grow and sell products, traffic, and much more.

#2: Use Location and Hashtag Stickers to Reach More Users

Instagram Stories has evolved from a place where you can share photos of your night out to become a marketing tool for businesses. You need a solid Instagram Stories strategy if you want Instagram to succeed today.

It’s now easier to grow your Instagram account thanks to these new Instagram Stories features: hashtag stickers and location stickers.

Businesses have seen a significant improvement in their ability to use hashtags and location stickers. Unlike the first Instagram Stories, which could only be shared with your followers, Instagram Stories can now be searched by hashtag and location. This means that anyone can now see your Instagram Stories.

If you are posting a story about a Portland bakery, you can tag it with a sticker and your story may appear in the location’s Instagram Stories.

This is also true for hashtag stickers. A hashtag sticker is a tag that a user adds to their Instagram Stories. It will be displayed on the hashtag page.

Businesses can reap the many benefits of this feature. First, visitors can tag your business in their Instagram Stories if they are near your business. This will increase your exposure on Instagram, and possibly lead to more followers.

Even if your business doesn’t have a physical address, you can encourage people to share your branded hashtag in their Stories. This is a great way for brand recognition and to collect user-generated content (UGC).

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#3: Instagram Stories Highlights Turn More Visitors Into Followers

It’s been said a thousand times: Optimizing your Instagram profile’s “look” is essential if you want your Instagram account to grow.

You have one chance to make an impression on people and get them to click the “follow” button. You can convert casual Instagram users into engaged, devoted followers by creating an appealing and consistent Instagram aesthetic.

Instagram Stories Highlights is another way to get new followers to click the “follow” button.

Businesses of all sizes have begun to embrace Instagram Stories Highlights since its debut in December 2017. Because they enable brands to curate and display the content they want, they are a valuable addition to businesses.

Instagram Stories Highlights can be compared to a trailer for your Instagram account. These are a great way to show off your products, get traffic or market your business.

Instagram Stories Highlights can be a great way to get new followers. Highlights allows you to quickly show what your business is all about, what you offer, as well as why they should follow you.

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#4: Optimize Your Content Strategy With Instagram Analytics to Grow Your Instagram Account

To grow your Instagram account in 2018, it is important to understand your audience and your content performance. In other words, it is important to track your Instagram analytics.

Although Instagram Insights is an analytics tool, it has not been available for a while. Until recently, these insights could only be accessed via the mobile app. A recent update to Instagram’s API has allowed business profiles to access their analytics and reports from the API.

Businesses can track their content’s performance using third-party analytics tools that are not part of the Instagram app.

Why is this important? The new Instagram Insights API provides businesses with a convenient way to track their analytics and improve their content. This will allow them to reach more people.

We’ve already said that tracking the performance of your content is one of the best ways for your Instagram account to grow.

You can track engagement data, such as clicks, likes, comments or clicks to get a better understanding of which content types perform well. This data can be used to optimize your content strategy for increased engagement.

#5: Instagram Live Grows Your Instagram Account

While Instagram Stories may have been the dominant platform in 2017, live video is expected to be a major player in 2018. According to our survey, 55% of businesses plan to use live video in 2018, whereas only 22% went “live” on Instagram last year.

It makes a lot of sense. If used properly, Instagram Live can be a huge asset for businesses.

Although most businesses use Instagram Live for teaser videos or tutorials, it also has the potential to connect with new followers. One of the best ways is to be featured on the Explore page.

Similar to Instagram’s trending photos, you can also view trending live broadcasts by tapping the “Top Live” button at the top left-hand side of the screen.

According to Instagram, Top Live videos appear at the top of the Explore page because of their popularity, engagement and proximity to users’ locations.

You don’t have to reach thousands or hundreds of people to be in the Top Live section, unlike posts on the Explore page. You can get your broadcast into Top Live videos by averaging less than 100 viewers.

However, your chances of being on the Explore page are higher if your broadcasts have a high viewership.

Bonus Tip: Make sure to use the Instagram Partnership Feature for more Impressions on Sponsored Posts

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach new and targeted audiences via Instagram.

Many businesses are switching to influencer marketing over Instagram ads. You can do a lot more with influencers that have “pull”, than traditional advertising.

Instagram has recently launched a paid partnership feature to help influencers reveal their sponsored posts easier in light of the popularity of influencer marketing.

This feature acts as a content tool for brands, allowing (and encouraging) influencers identify posts that have been paid for by advertisers.

The feature makes it easy for users to find sponsored posts and also offers businesses the opportunity to receive more impressions.

When a post is tagged with the paid partnership feature, people will see “Paid Partnership with [business partner]” in its header. This is where you would normally see the post’s location.

This means that even though a user may not open a sponsored posting, they may still see your company’s name at the top when scrolling through their feeds.

You can increase brand awareness and recall by simply appearing in the feeds of users as a paid partner.

It’s more important than ever that you find buymalaysianfollowers new ways to increase your Instagram followers as updates to Instagram’s algorithm are made. These new features are a great help. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our list!

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