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Plant Guide: How Do I Find the Right Plant for My Garden?

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What is a beautiful garden? Obviously, it’s one where the plants and shrubs blend to produce an aesthetically pleasing result, but it’s also one where the vegetation is healthy and thriving and where its owners can incorporate the space into their lifestyle to get the maximum benefit and enjoyment. It’s important to choose the right plants from your wholesale nursery to achieve this vision, so here’s our advice on making those critical decisions.

Finding the Right Plant for Your Garden at the Wholesale Nursery

Consider the Vision

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you need to be clear on the inspiration behind the garden before you consider what to plant. Are you aiming to create a private, reflective space, or a busy gathering spot with lots of practical features? Will the blossoms blend together harmoniously or create a striking contrast? How will the character of your garden change through the cycle of the seasons?

Knowing whether the garden is intended as an ornamental masterpiece or a lush wilderness will give you a clear idea of the size, character, shape, and texture of the right plants and shrubs.

Map Your Resources

Gardens should be an inspirational source of life, so it’s essential to plan vegetation around the existing ecosystem to ensure that all of your plants have the optimal conditions to flourish. Make a note of all the factors that will affect growth and health, including:

  • Intensity and duration of light, full sun, and shade
  • Microclimates, including temperature and wind variations
  • Geographical features, such as slopes or hollows
  • Exposure to weather events, such as flooding
  • Soil type, pH, and drainage
  • Existing vegetation, including root systems
  • Nearby structures that will reflect heat or provide a windbreak
  • Wildlife in the area, including potential pests
  • The USDA hardiness zone

Once you have mapped out the environment into which your plants will be introduced, you’ll be better informed when it comes to selecting a suitable genus and species for the available conditions. The right plant guide will clearly specify the requirements of each plant and identify what it needs to thrive, making your selection much more straightforward.

Using Indigenous Species

When you select indigenous species, you’re choosing plants that have already evolved to get the maximum benefit from the climate and geography of the area. They require fewer pesticides and fertilizers, can benefit native wildlife, such as bees, butterflies, and birds, and have a higher resistance to disease.

However, even indigenous species have preferences, and it’s still important to choose them carefully, taking into account their needs in terms of light, water, and soil.  

Think About Usage

Gardens are a place where people and plants should be able to coexist, so you need to consider how the garden will be used. Areas that are more accessible and get more traffic are better for plants that need more attention and treatment, such as deadheading or pruning.

Identifying natural viewing points will allow you to group your plants for maximum impact. And understanding where people are likely to gather in the garden will allow you to factor in the benefits of different plants, such as sweet-smelling blossoms or shade. Considering the garden usage will allow you to decide on factors like height, spread, and hardiness, and will help you to identify the best ways to display the plants to their full advantage.

This process of gathering information and ideas may be front-heavy, but it pays dividends in terms of efficient and effective selection, particularly if you visit a nursery that offers clear, in-depth, and intuitive guidance on each species. By considering both what the plants need from their garden, and what the garden needs from its plants, you’ll be armed with the knowledge that you need to create a space that both flourishes and inspires.

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