Avoid Summertime Sadness with these PRO Hair Care Tips

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You may not believe it, but keeping your hair looking great during the summer requires a lot of effort. Whether you have natural hair or use remy human hair extensions, they require specific care and attention. Summer heat and humidity can be brutal to your hair, leaving you sad and your hair drab!

However, with the perfect regimen and some professional advice, you can transform your mane from ordinary to extraordinary in no time. Even better, these tips are so simple that even the most clumsy of us will be able to learn them with ease.

Continue reading for our PRO-level hair care tips to make you fall in Clip In Extensions  love with your hair this summer.

1. Protect Your Hair From Sun

Protect Your Hair From Sun
Protect Your Hair From Sun

Even if you are using remy human hair extensions, it’s important to protect them from harmful sun rays. Exposing your hair to the sun for an extended period of time can cause irreversible damage to the cuticles of your hair. UVA and UVB rays can damage the cuticle, leading to thinning, frizziness, split ends, dry and brittle strands, discoloration, and more.

Since they are FDA-approved and tested, hats with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating are your best option for reducing sun exposure to your hair. Otherwise, choose a tightly woven cloth over a straw hat with an open weave, which can let dangerous UV rays in. If you plan to expose your hair, utilize hair treatments like creams or sprays with SPF to protect it.

2. Try Heatless Styles Like Body Waves Hair

Heatless Body Waves Hair
Heatless Body Waves Hair

Did you know that hair styling causes double the damage, especially in the summer? A fantastic way to prevent this is to experiment with heatless hairstyles like body waves hair.

  • You can simply achieve this hairstyle without using heat.
  • Begin by putting all of your hair in a high ponytail.
  • Then, dampen about a 1-inch part of the ponytail with water.
  • Wrap your fingers in the damp area of hair and carefully pull your finger out.
  • Pin the curl near your ponytail elastic.
  • Repeat for the entire head of the hair. You can sleep with it or wait until your hair is dry.
  • And you will have gorgeous heatless body waves hair when you wake up! experience

3. Switch To Textured Remy Human Hair Extensions Instead Of Hot Tools

Say No To Hot-Tools
Say No To Hot-Tools

If you want more styling options but don’t want to use heat, then the best option is to go for pre-styled remy human hair extensions, which come in various textures, tones, lengths, and styles.

If you wish to have beautiful curly hair, you can get gorgeous curly clip in human hair extensions instead of curling irons. All you need to do is attach the tiny clips of the extensions onto your hair & it’s done. Just remember to remove them before sleeping.

Clip-ins are temporary options, but if you are busy and don’t have time to attach and remove the clip-in extensions every morning, you can also go for curly micro link hair extensions. Unlike other extension methods, micro-links do not require braiding, thread, tape, or glue.

4. Minimize Washing Your Hair During Summer

Less Is More!
Less Is More!

Frequent washing depletes your scalp’s natural oils, which encourages extra oil production and makes you feel the need to wash it even more frequently.

  • Try rinsing in the shower using diluted ACV after a day at the beach or pool to remove any excess oil & to cleanse all the chlorine from your hair.
  • For hair that can go a little longer between washes, use a homemade or natural dry shampoo, such as cornstarch, instead of regular shampoo.
  • If you are going to use curly micro link hair extensions as suggested above, to run a cotton ball soaked in rose water toner or tea tree through your hair to remove excess oil.
  • For curly clip in human hair extensions, you can wash them only when required. Clip ins don’t need to be washed as often as the micro link extensions or natural hairstyles.

5. Go For DIY Hair Refresher Instead Of Washing

DIY Hair Care For Summer
DIY Hair Care For Summer

Mix water, aloe vera juice, and avocado oil to prepare a DIY summer spritz. Keep it on hand to spritz whenever moisture is required instead of washing your hair daily. Argan oil combined with water is another fantastic alternative.

For clip-in extensions, soak them in lukewarm water with a small amount of sulfate-free hair shampoo and rinse thoroughly. You can prepare the same concoction using ACV, rose water, and essential oils if you have curly micro link hair extensions. This method is also useful for hairstyles like beach wave or body wave hair.

Transform Your Hair with These Unique Hacks for the Summer

Summer is a season of fun in the sun, but it can also be a nightmare for your hair. The intense heat and humidity can leave your locks dry, frizzy, and lifeless. But don’t worry, with these unique hair care tips, you can avoid summertime sadness and fall in love with your hair this season.

Firstly, it’s essential to protect your hair from the sun’s harmful UV rays by using hats with UPF rating or hair treatments with SPF. Additionally, trying heatless styles like body waves hair can help prevent double damage caused by hair styling.

If you want to switch to textured remy human hair extensions, go for pre-styled options like curly clip-ins or micro-link hair extensions, which don’t require hot tools. And remember to minimize washing your hair during summer to avoid depleting your scalp’s natural oils.

Instead of washing your hair daily, go for DIY hair refreshers like a spritz made of aloe vera juice and avocado oil or soak clip-in extensions in lukewarm water with sulfate-free shampoo.

These pro-level hair care tips will help you keep your mane in top-notch condition throughout the summer season. If you’re considering purchasing remy human hair extensions, check out True Glory Hair for a variety of options. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy the summer without compromising your hair’s health and beauty.


So there you have it: 5 summer hair tips. We believe it was informative to avoid your summertime hair-madness! If you want to learn extra tips/hacks or are considering purchasing remy human hair extensions, go to True Glory Hair, where you can get various kinds of extensions such as curly micro links or curly clip in human hair extensions.


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