7 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Python Developer

There are certain mistakes that business owners make when they’re hiring Python developers. These hiring mistakes can cost your business time and money, and even cause you to lose key employees to other companies. By being aware of these common Python developer hiring mistakes, you can avoid them when building your company’s IT team.

1) Don’t Get Emotionally Invested

In their zeal to hire, companies sometimes get emotionally attached to potential employees. If an interviewee doesn’t get back in touch within 48 hours or seems intent on taking another position, they assume that it’s a rejection. In actuality, there are many reasons why someone might not be getting back—they could be interviewing with several other companies and need more time or they could be busy. Being patient when hiring a python developer will save you both time and money.

2) Don’t Skip the Screening Process

Many companies get into trouble when they skimp on background checks. Even if you’re only working with contractors, it’s vital that you verify their identity and find out more about their past experience. Doing so can help you hire top-tier candidates who are best for your business, instead of settling for someone who could be untrustworthy or incompetent. If a candidate passes your initial screening process, it might make sense to bring them in for an interview; failing that, move on.

3) Ask the Right Questions

Before you can hire a good developer, you need to know what kind of person you’re looking for. Even if you have an idea of what good means, remember that everyone comes with his or her own set of baggage. Are they looking for opportunities for growth? Do they prefer freelance work over full-time roles? The more questions you ask, and answer, in advance—the better your chances will be at finding someone who truly is a great fit.

4) Don’t Fall for Flattery

Hiring Python developers can be tricky. Many great developers are more than qualified for your project and will likely do amazing work for you if you hire  python developers them, but it’s important not to fall for flattery. Finding candidates who have experience working with your specific needs or in particular industries or fields is key. This level of specificity means they should meet all of your expectations, and when hiring developers remember that flattery won’t make up for poor execution. If they don’t impress you on paper (or screen), they won’t impress you in person either. Just because someone knows one coding language well doesn’t mean they know others—and just because someone has worked with similar technologies before doesn’t mean their unique use case is a match either.

5) Beware of Wannabe Rockstars

If you’re looking for someone who can build your new Python project from start to finish, you don’t need to look far. Unfortunately, just because someone knows Python doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing—it takes more than talent to be an effective developer. Take into account whether or not prospective hires have valuable industry experience and can communicate effectively with teammates and clients.

6) Do Your Research Online

You’ve probably already checked out relevant job boards, professional networking sites, and maybe even your local university’s bulletin board. But you may not have thought about tapping into one of today’s most effective resources for finding talented developers—LinkedIn. The popular social network for professionals is loaded with job listings (search for Python developer or Python programmer), so it can be an excellent place to start your search.

7) Don’t Delegate Too Much Responsibility

Finding a good developer can be hard work. It’s tempting to hire a freelancer, but in-house candidates can provide real benefits; they know your business and will fit more naturally into your corporate culture. Before hiring a python developer, make sure you have someone capable of overseeing them. If you want greater control over your project, go for in-house development or headhunt experienced freelancers through specialized agencies.

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