How To Style A Turtleneck? 11 Best Methods To Style Your Turtleneck

Style A Turtleneck

The turtleneck, also known as a ‘turtleneck,’ is a type of shirt collar. It is so-called because it completely covers the neck and usually has a small opening at the front that can be buttoned up. This means that while your head goes through the hole – your face is still covered by this high-necked type of shirt collar.

The style was first invented in 1953 by an American named Nathan Schwartz after he found himself on a cold New York winter day wearing a regular crew-neck sweater under his coat which made him look like some alien from outer space from behind. We all know how to wear our t-shirts, shirts, etc. But about styling yourself with one?

T-shirt collar

Another name for a turtleneck is a ‘turtleneck.’ However, this particular style of shirt collar was named so because it completely covers the neck and usually has one small opening at the front that can be buttoned up – which means. At the same time, your head goes through this hole, but your face gets covered by it.

So basically, it’s like a turtle’s neck. An American invented it in 1953 under the name Nautica – but they didn’t call it a turtleneck until someone else came along and decided to call it so. Many people think that this is a woman’s shirt collar, but most appearances in movies and such are actually by men.

Turtlenecks look great with both casual and more innovative outfits. They may appear rather plain and simple on their own, but that is the beauty of them! You can easily jazz your business up even without adding accessories like scarves, jewelry, etc. Just make sure you choose one that has a relaxed fit, as those tend to work best with turtlenecks. A nice pair of jeans or trousers will do well with this – as long as they aren’t too tight. Make sure you try one on before buying it to make sure it fits well.

Dressy Turtleneck:

You can also style up your t-shirt collar by making it formal with a chic skirt or dress – something that’s high in the neckline department, like halter necks and boat necks, will do well with this. A nice pair of heels or stylish lace-up flats (heels should be at least 4 inches) will go great with this look! High ponytails are recommended for this look as they balance out the outfit neatly.

Knot Turtleneck:

This is an exciting way to knot your turtle neck using a scarf! It gives off a nice and stylish look and is very much in fashion nowadays. It’s a great way to jazz up your outfit if it isn’t something eye-catching like the dressy turtleneck. The knot should be as small as possible without looking too bulky under your chin or at the back of your neck. The knot can sit anywhere around there – depending on how you want it to look that day! It’s not considered formal wear, so casual outfits would work best with this look – especially jeans!

The Wavy Turtleneck:

If you’re more into high fashion, this might be an appropriate way to style yourself with a turtle neck! This is helpful if you’re dealing with a form-fitting turtleneck, as this term is used chiefly for rather loose t-shirt collars. All you have to do is pull the shirt collar up at one end – then let it fall lower than your shoulders. This will give you the wavy effect – which looks great on most fabrics but may not work well with thicker materials like wool or cashmere.

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Layered Turtleneck:

A layered turtle neck can easily make casual outfits look dressier and more stylish! Just make sure you choose something thick enough to keep you warm during wintertime, though!

Slouchy Turtleneck:

This is a casual way to style your t-shirt collar! All you have to do is pull the turtle neck down a little lower than your hips – and maybe even make it slump a little at the shoulders. It’s best suited for outfits that look too formal – like jeans or trousers with a nice shirt on top. You can also pull out small parts of your turtle neck if you want something different from this method.

The Funky Turtleneck:

Unless you’re going for some funky outfit, then I’d say avoid this one as much as possible! It might turn out into something rather ugly, so try to keep it stylish and straightforward until you can manage that feat!

The Half Turtleneck:

Just like the funky turtleneck, this look is not something you should try out unless you’re going for a specific style. This is perfect if you’re wearing a high-waisted skirt or dress, as it will make your waistline appear smaller! It’s also great with cropped tops – many people use their turtle necks this way!

The Ruffle Turtleneck:

A simple way to jazz up your formal outfit. Just add a slight ruffle on the edge of your turtle neck – preferably at the front and center part of it. Try pulling down the collar and see just how far you can go without making yourself look too shabby and plain.

The Knit Turtleneck:

This is a straightforward way to style your t-shirt collar, but only if it’s in the form of knitted material. Throw on your knitted turtle neck with any casual outfit – especially pants! It’ll look cute and stylish at the same time! You can also throw in some belts or scarves for that extra pop!

The Knit Turtleneck:

How you can look good by wearing turtleneck?

There is not much difference between a turtleneck and dress shirt. The collar of both shirts has the same. If you wear a navy color turtleneck with a combination of grey, then you look good. For wearing a turtleneck, you need to wear a perfect match otherwise, it will not suits you.        


Q: Can I wear turtlenecks with jeans?

A: The answer is; No, never. You can wear a turtle neck with any formal and semi-formal pants like chinos and khakis.

Q: What shoes do I wear with turtle neck style?

A: For this particular style, You can never go wrong with black or brown loafers. However, you can wear sneakers or sport shoes with turtle necks.

Q: How often should I clean my turtle neck style?

A: Turtle neck styles must be washed at least once a week because of their fabric content. It will be easy to clean it if you wear them under your pants. After wearing them, take them off and put them in the washing machine.

Q: Can I wear turtle necks to parties?

A: Yes, you can, but avoid wearing it with party dresses. It will give a casual and formal look.

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