Fashion brands with big discounts during Black Friday

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Black Friday is an occasion when shoppers can take home quality products at affordable prices. Here is a series of fashion brands that have huge promotions on this year’s “Black Friday” day.

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving (November) and is also the biggest and biggest promotion of the year. This year, Black Friday will fall on Friday, November 29.

On this day, shopaholics, especially women, often hunt for sales and promotions from famous fashion brands.

Here are the fashion brands with huge discounts on Black Friday this year


This is a shoe and bag fashion brand that is loved by many women, to avoid the crowds like every year, the company has started running a discount program from November 18 to 22 with discounts up to 50% for all women. Product sets. Moreover, there are many other discount codes and coupons for the product lines from this brand. So, with just a small amount, you can get a bag or shoe to wear for the upcoming Christmas. In addition to the way to the nearest store, you can also shop online on this brand’s website.

Sportswear brand Kappa: Up to 90% off

Kappa is a brand with great discounts and deserves to be chosen by consumers. This is a sports brand from Italy with guaranteed quality, diverse designs. 

During this year’s Black Friday, Kappa conducts a promotion with discounts from 20% to 90% of its products until the end of November.

Canifa: Discount from 50% – 70%

Canifa has long been famous as a prestigious garment brand, with many shopping chains that are diverse in design and age, especially in terms of quality. This is a brand trusted by many customers around the world. On this year’s “Black Friday”, customers will have the opportunity to own quality Canifa products with promotional prices up to 50% – 70% depending on the type of product. The program runs from 11/23 to 11/30.

One advantage when buying products from Canifa on Black Friday is that customers have the right to return the product within 15 days.

Mango: 70% off

Along with the discount, Mango Fashion Brand sells 70% of women’s fashion dresses. Mango is an office fashion brand frequented by many women. Black Friday is an opportunity to buy quality products at bargain prices throughout the year.

Adidas: 50% off

Adidas is a world-famous sports fashion brand. For many consumers, owning a branded item is a dream.

Not everyone can own expensive shoes from this brand. Black Friday is an opportunity for many consumers to buy Adidas products at up to 50% off for 7 days from November 23 to November 30.

In addition, Adidas also allows customers to return products purchased during Black Friday within 30 days.

Nike: 50% off

Similar to Adidas, the cult sports fashion brand Nike with high-class and quality products has become a best-selling company. Compared to the average personal income of many people, Nike products have a high selling price.

So on Black Friday, Nike products are always enthusiastically welcomed. On this year’s Black Friday, Nike will discount up to 50% on products from November 23 to November 30.

With the huge discount of 10% to 50%, fashion brand Shein, lingerie brands Triumph, Sloggi, Triaction also run promotions until the end of November.


Uniqlo is a fashion brand from Japan, famous for its product lines of down jackets or thermal vests. Currently, the company has a lot of discount programs with summer and winter items. With men’s clothes, there are many discount codes, coupons that will help you just spend a small amount of money to buy quality shirts, and strong sales of women’s jackets.



MLB is a fashion brand that is loved by young people. This is the first time the company has played a big sale with up to 50% off a series of shoes, hats, clothes, bags/backpacks. In addition, you also get an additional 10% discount code on the total bill when you buy any 3 products. 


This is the accessory brand that women are waiting for the most Sale of the year. Also on sale from November 18 to 22 with lots of discount codes, attractive coupons for stylish fashion products: bags, wallets, shoes, belts…


If you love sportswear, don’t miss Puma, this brand has a huge discount with discount codes, coupons up to 70% on footwear, clothing, and accessories from November 18 to 22 at the store and online.


Above are the fashion brands with big discounts on Black Friday. One piece of advice for consumers is to prepare mentally as well as research the product models you want to own so that you can quickly own the items you like. Through this article, we hope that you will be able to buy your favorite product at the most favorable price. 

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