15 Facts About Online Sportsbooks You Didn’t Know About

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Placing wagers online is becoming popular with gamblers. Bet on practically any sport and increase your odds and bankroll.

Here are facts on legal online gambling and which site offers a 150% match bonus (up to $3,125) to increase your chances of winning!

1. Among the Most Well-Known US Sites is BetUS

Maybe you are curious what is the most accurate sportsbook, which online sportsbook is best, or which online sportsbook pays fastest in the US. Based on a complete BetUS sportsbook review, the answer is BetUS Casino.

Established in 1994, the Curacao-based, A-rated casino is 100% trustworthy, and slots have a 96.5% RTP. Players can enjoy a 125% Welcome Offer split through the sportsbook (100%) and casino (25%).

2. Sports Gambling is Expansive

Online sports gambling is gaining more steam with novice gamblers and pros.

Areas like Asia, the US, and the UK have the largest demand as more people bet on games with their smartphones.

3. Sports Betting and Other Games are Increasing

Sports gambling continues to expand and grow. However, while physical sports are a big market, e-sports and board games like chess are gaining momentum.

4. American Football Is a Favorite with Seasoned Bettors

American football fans love betting on the pre-season, AFC/NFC games, and the Super Bowl. 

Betting on college football is another favorite past-time. Hence, a little research on teams, coaches, injury reports, trades, and other news can help mitigate your losses.

Basketball is another sport that gamblers like. Perhaps the rules in basketball are easy to understand. Scoring is not overly complicated, and the rules are simple.

6. American Baseball is Ideal for Pro Bettors

Baseball is hard to bet on as the game is random. Each season includes 162 games, and unlike other sports with underdogs and favorites, baseball is very unpredictable.

7. You Can Avoid In-Game Bet Limits

For an advantage, try props betting. Betting on players, halftime scores, and other wagers are a few examples.

The good news is you do not have to worry about only betting on the end score for your favorite games.

8. You Can Now Bet on Futures

Future bets are available before the sports season begins. Hence, some gamblers bet on who will win their championship games.

The time-locked investment can accrue cash by the end of the season. Hence, it might pay off literally to research your teams and players.

9. Check the Sports Betting Sites with Reward Bonuses

Maybe you want to know what is the biggest sportsbook in the US.

With offshore betting becoming a fan favorite, several legal sites are available online. Explore sites with 100%-200% matching signup bonuses for new players and loss rebates or reloads (for more cashback).  

10. Strategies Can Help You Avoid Emotional Betting

For better money management, have a betting strategy before the season starts. Not chasing losses keeps more money in your wallet, and you can enjoy your wins.

Bet logically, stick to your budget, and do not bet on a whim that can cloud your judgment.

11. Researching a Game Can Increase Your Odds

New players can learn more about teams, players, IRs, and more by doing their research.

Instead of picking the favorite, check the sports news, subs, management changes, stats, and commentary before placing wagers (for an added advantage).

12. The Odds Differ with Sportsbooks

Investing in multiple sports betting platforms is ideal as odds vary among bookmakers.

Bookies set the odds before games start to balance the risk with underdogs as favored teams have preferred odds, and players will win less when wagering on them.

13. Online Betting Equates to Lucrative Wins

If you enjoy betting on the big game, you can make a TON of cash from researching and making the correct picks.

The beauty of sportsbooks is that reputable online casinos are 24/7, and most have around-the-clock support. Hence you can bet on practically any game, team, or player. 

14. Gamblers Can Bet Online or Through Kiosks

Live betting is taking a backseat to online wagering. More bettors are using online gambling establishments for sports betting because they like the reliability of machine betting versus humans. After all, they like their odds.

15. Sports Gamblers Have a 50% Win Rate

Casual gamblers can expect to win about two-thirds of their games, while pros win on average 53%-55% with sports wagers. Hence, you win some and lose some!

Learn About More Online Sportsbook Facts Today

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