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The Three Most Common Bathroom Vanity Designs

All of us know that trends in interior design and décor change over time and that there are specific places in a home where even basic renovations can yield a high ROI (return on investment). The kitchen and bathroom are both included. Changing the vanity is a simple and inexpensive way to instantly improve the aesthetic and functionality of a bathroom of any size.

If you look for timberline vanity sale, then keep in mind the vanities for bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and they may be purchased at big-box retailers as well as through bathroom suppliers and cabinet builders. The three most frequent vanity styles and the vanity concept, in general, should be familiar to you as you begin to plan any bathroom upgrades or updates.

What Is a Bath Vanity?

According to interior design professionals, A vanity is a “cabinet constructed around your bathroom sink.” A vanity’s primary purpose is to hide the plumbing beneath the sink. In addition, because the vanity is the bathroom’s most prominent fixture, it can set the tone for the rest of the decor.”

And while it has a specific function, it is always indicative of the house’s design aesthetic. You can choose from a variety of woods and countertop materials for your vanity, for example. A variety of shapes and sizes are available. Because of this, the six most regularly used designs are the ones that include:

Bathroom Vanity Sets That Stand Separately

Like a dresser or a cupboard, the free-standing vanity stands apart from the wall and the room. Like a pedestal sink, but with the added storage and the ability to cover the plumbing, this is an excellent choice. The sink is always incorporated into the surface, and the cabinetry is usually made of materials that can survive years of wear and tear. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost alternative or a high-end one, a vanity is a great option.

Vessel Sink Vanity Sets

A freestanding vessel sink, such as a huge copper bowl or a brilliantly glazed basin, rests atop the vanity surface in one of the most recent inventions. Be aware that it has a particular visual appeal, but it can be expensive and take up significant space. Nowadays, commercial establishments like restaurants and hotels are increasingly using vessel sink vanities. Vessel bowls come in a wide variety of materials, including tempered glass and natural stone, so no two sinks are alike.

Vanities with pedestal sinks

If you have a small bathroom or a specific design or style in mind, you may want to choose this “anti-vanity” alternative, which contains simply the sink on a pedestal. It’s a great option if you need a lot of counter space or storage, but it doesn’t have either. Nevertheless, it can be a fantastic choice if the style is old-fashioned, extremely modern and clean, or purely utilitarian in character.

Which Bathroom Design Do You Prefer?

With a bathroom vanity, it’s essential to think about how you want to use it and what style will best suit your needs. To avoid making walkways too narrow or making cleaning too difficult, you must take into account both the amount of room and the amount of floor area. If you’re looking to update or upgrade your home’s bathroom, you’ll be happy to know that there are a lot more options than just the three styles mentioned above.

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