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What Height Should a Freestanding Vanity Unit Be?

Are you planning for a bathroom makeover? Then adding perfect bathroom storage may be on top of the list. A freestanding vanity unit can make a real style statement in your bathroom. You are making your shower and sink area perfect should be the main focus, as you will need to use it many times every day. But after choosing your freestanding vanity units, what height should you choose to fix it? Besides that, you know whether different vanities make any difference in their fitting.

 In this article, we are going to discuss various aspects of vanity units in the UK.

What are the Freestanding Vanity Units?

The freestanding vanity units are the type of bathroom furniture that directly stands on the floor without the need for any wall support. Although most people consider these traditional optional, these are available in various prefabricated designs and colours to match the needs of a modern bathroom. Such vanity units can provide you with ample storage capacity depending on the size or dimensions you choose. Since these sit directly on the floor, this also means space occupancy that may be a problem for small bathrooms. However, with a sink cabinet fitted over them, you can choose this style for a cloakroom or small bathroom as well.

The Standard Height of a Freestanding Vanity Unit?

The height at which you can your freestanding vanity unit can have a high impact on its usability. Therefore, you should make sure that you have the vanity unit with the height that makes them usable as well as pleasing to look at. The universal height of a floor-standing vanity is around 32 inches. Such height is suitable for everyone from kids to adults and the elderly. Such height will be suitable for your cabinet-style vanities.

The Height of Comfort for Vanity Unit?

The height that is comfortable for most adults in the UK is different from a standard acceptable height universally. It is not generally considered a kid-friendly height, so may not be suitable if you have kids who will use it. The vanity height will be around 36 inches is considered comfortable for most adults. However, such height is not recommended for a family bathroom.

The Suitable Height for Vanity Units with Vessel Sink.

In case you are going to have a freestanding vanity unit with a vessel sink, then the height will be a little changed. It is because of the vessel will sit as an independent unit over the top. Therefore, it is a kind of above-the-counter fixture that will have a height of around 30 inches when measured from floor to vanity top. So, this will usually add around 5 inches in overall height too. Therefore, by combining both of them, we get a total height of around 35 inches. Such height is perfect for the contemporary or modern bathroom.

Choosing The Perfect Vanity Unit Dimensions.

You must choose the right dimensions of the vanity unit to make the most out of your storage. Your choice of dimensions depends on various factors that range from available space, size, and layout of the bathroom. However, with the bigger bathrooms, you become a bit independent on your choice of sizes. For example, in the case of medium size bathroom, a 1200mm to 1500mm vanity unit may be a perfect fit. In contrast to that, a bigger bathroom can easily accommodate an 1800mm bathroom vanity unit with double sinks.

Final Thoughts About Freestanding Vanity Units.

If you are planning to install a freestanding vanity unit, then choosing an appropriate size is an important part of it. While the dimensions largely depend on the size and layout, there are some standard heights at which adults and kids may feel more comfortable in using the worktop sink. Therefore, you should choose the height appropriately. You can check modern bathroom furniture from Royal Bathrooms’ online store in the UK.

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