Some Interesting Facts About Solar Nails Including Their Advantages and Disadvantages

What are Solar Nails?

Even though they are new, solar nails are not new at all. This technology has been around for years. The nails are acrylic nails manufactured by Creative Nail Design (CND). There are specific differences between acrylics, even though they are a type of acrylic.

How do solar nails work?

A special glue is applied to the tip of your natural nail then an acrylic or gel-like substance is put on top before a layer of powder is dusted on top to set everything into place.

How long do solar nails last?

If you want to know how long solar nails last, then it is essential that you take the time to read several articles like this one. Knowing how long do solar nails last will help you make better choices when getting your nails done? Solar nails are artificial fingernails usually made of polymer, which looks very similar to a natural nail. Solar nails have been on trend for quite some time now, and many women choose them over acrylics because they look more natural and can be mistaken as real nails. 

For example, if a woman has a job where she has to use her hands all the time, she might pick solar nails because they won’t chip or crack as easily as others do. However, there are still things that everyone needs to know about them, like how long do solar nails last, and we will be discussing it in this article.

The main reason why solar nails don’t last as long as we want them to is that we continually keep filing down the sides of the nails, and in doing so, they become thinner and eventually break off. When women use their hands a lot in daily life, like work or household chores, they tend to file their artificial fingernails more frequently than when they sit around watching TV all day.

Best ways to remove solar nails

The best way to remove solar nails is by soaking them off in acetone then buffing down your natural nail beds with an emery board, like a sandpaper nail file. Be gentle while removing the acrylic material because your natural nail bed could become misshaped if you scrub too hard.

1.   Acetone soak 

One way to remove solar nails is by using acetone to soak them off. You can do this by putting some acetone in a bowl and soaking the tips of the staples for about 10 minutes, or you can use nail wipes made with acetone to wipe the nails clean. Before removing Solar Nails, wet hands with warm water for 5-10 minutes, so the Solar Nail Tips become pliable. Using acetone on dry nails may cause damage to your natural nails.

Once prepared, soak one hand at a time for 5-10 minutes with acetone – it is important not to let your Solar Nails sit too long, as they will harden again due to exposure to air once removed from the acetone bath. 

2.   Wrapping method 

The second method for removing solar nails is a bit more time-consuming but will allow you to get the most from the product. This method uses tweezers and shapers. Your natural nails must be clean and free of oils before continuing with this method.

Take a pair of tweezers and pull one Solar Nail off at a time, working carefully so as not to break or tear away any of your natural nails while doing so. After each complete set has been removed, use an orange-wood stick dipped in acetone to push back cuticles gently. Let nails dry completely before filing down the Solar Nail Tip to level with your natural nail.

Advantages of Solar Nails

Solar nails are a great way to get the look and feel of having long, lush fingernails without going through the time and effort it takes to grow your nails out long. Although you’ll have to get solar nails reapplied every two weeks or so, they’re easy enough to remove yourself at home for a night out clubbing without worrying about causing damage to your natural nail beds.

Disadvantages of Solar Nails

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Solar nails may not be for everyone. Because the glue used on the tip of your natural nail is so strong, some women complain about having difficulty removing their natural nail polish after wearing solar nails. Additionally, suppose you want to go swimming with your friends. In that case, you’ll need to remember to remove your solar extensions first before getting into the pool or else risk ruining the entire two-week application period.

Health benefits of Solar Nails

The health benefits of solar nails are that they can help your natural nails grow longer because you won’t be biting on them or peeling them constantly. Wearing solar nails can also help with any nail fungus issues you have since they’re not likely to get wet underneath the extensions.

Which nails is best: solar nails or acrylic nails?

The quality of solar nails is much better than acrylic nails. The demand for solar nails is also greater than for acrylic. The best thing is that the solar nails will not damage crack. The color will not fade. When acrylic nails expose to sunlight, it will change or fade their color, but this will not happen in solar nails. Acrylic nails will peel off gradually.


In conclusion, if you want long nails without going through the time and effort it takes for acrylic nails, solar nail extensions are a great option. Remember that they’re not permanent, so you’ll have to get them maintained or reapplied at least every two weeks. Plus, since their material is made from acrylics, your natural nails may grow faster because there’s no glue holding them down at the tip. 


What is the best place to get solar nails done?

To avoid being duped, have your solar nails done only at a reputable nail salon. Discuss the products used with your nail expert. Get original creations, not some cheap alternatives, to get the most value for your money.

Is solar nail treatment going to make the nails heavy?

In addition to being thicker than your natural nails, solar nails will also feel heavier. You might need to get used to them for a couple of days.

Will the nails become longer after getting solar nails?

That depends entirely on you. You can choose the length of the solar nails when your nail expert applies them so that it fits your needs.

Are solar nails self-elimination?

If they are not refilled after three weeks, they will fall off. This will not hurt them, and it will happen on its own. There will be no feeling involved. There will be no damage to your nails as such but be prepared to deal with weaker nails that are dry and brittle for almost a week.

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