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While you were watching videos on YouTube on your smartphone, you all of a sudden started experiencing streaming issues on Android phones. Various problems may occur when streaming videos, including videos that delay or lag, playback errors, videos that load but do not play, server connection issues, and inaccessible videos. The videos that can play on the Android phone are most likely to be impacted by the network quality you have at home. You may have buffering problems if numerous devices simultaneously access the network and stream movies to their respective instruments. The difficulty of the YouTube video freezing issue on android devices is easily avoided. If you want to view videos on YouTube without waiting for them to load, you need reliable and speedy internet access on your Android smartphone or the Chrome browser on a computer or laptop.

Videos on YouTube may load more slowly or re-buffer altogether if your internet connection is very sluggish. You will find helpful tips from takes app below that may address difficulties streaming YouTube videos on Android phones.

How To Fix Problems Streaming Videos On Youtube On An Android Device

Check out the alternative remedies mentioned below to repair video streaming difficulties on Android-based YouTube devices, such as phones or tablets.

If A Youtube Video Is Not Playing On Your Android Device, Check The Internet.

First things first, check to see how strong your internet connection is. If your network bandwidth is poor, the movie may not load correctly and can even freeze. Change the mobile data settings on your Android smartphone by turning it on and off. If you want to watch videos on YouTube without experiencing buffering or loading issues, it is best to do it via a WiFi connection.

Restart Your Phone

Android users, restarting your device will cure the issue with streaming from YouTube.

To reboot the phone and verify whether this problem has been fixed, press and hold the power button for an extended period, then push the restart button.

Update To The Youtube App

Update to the YouTube app resolves streaming issues

Launch the Google Play Store > > In the upper right corner, there are three horizontal lines > My Applications and Games > Update all

Youtube’s Search, As Well As Watch History, Will Both Be Deleted.

Delete or remove your entire search history and viewing history on YouTube. You will need to restart the video player.

Clear Your Android Device’s Search History On Youtube Forever

Using the YouTube app, go to the profile symbol in the upper right corner, tap Settings, followed by History and Privacy. Erase all history of searches > Erase the history of your searches

Using the YouTube app, go to the profile symbol in the upper right corner, tap Settings, followed by History and Privacy. Remove all watched content > Delete all of the watch histories.

Purge the cache on the YouTube app.

How To Repair An Android Youtube Video That Loads But Doesn’t Play

Navigate to the Settings menu, then to Applications and notifications, then to See all apps. Clear the cache on YouTube by going to the Storage and Cache menu.

Adjusting the video quality on YouTube might resolve the website’s buffering issues.

If you have a sluggish internet connection, you may address buffering difficulties on your Android smartphone by changing the quality of the YouTube videos using the options from lms vu. You can select automatic, 144p, 240p, perfectly positioned, 480p, or 720p as the quality of the video you upload to YouTube.

Marshmallow, Please Change The Video Quality On Youtube

Launch YouTube, then play any video, then click Next. In the upper right-hand corner, there should be three vertical dots > Quality > Select the video quality that you would want to use.


That sums it up nicely. I hope the tips and tactics provided above help address the issues with YouTube video streaming on Android phones and the problems with YouTube buffering. Do you have other ways available to you? Please share them with us in the comment box located below. Don’t forget to tell your friends about this post and share it with them!

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