Newtop Provides Silicone Solution if You Are Confused

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Thanks to the pandemic a lot of people have decided to follow a more entrepreneurial path and create their businesses and products. And usually, they did this based on the needs they had and weren’t fulfilled by other products in the market or the high prices you could find them. A lot decided to create their line of silicone products that brought amazing benefits for them and their customers.

And for that, they were looking for the best custom silicone mold manufacturer and they finally found it on Newtop. Newtop is one of the largest OEM silicone manufacturers in China with over 15 years of exp. They are committed to offering and providing small and large companies around the world with the highest-quality silicone products. With them, you’ll not only get exclusive solutions with the best service and quality but also reasonable prices for your silicone projects.

They offer you a different Newtop Provides Silicone Solution if You Are Confused

Another solution that they offer is the OEM silicone parts service. Their silicone factory is ISO-certified and has decades of experience in the industry. They have manufactured high-performance silicone parts for electronics, medical and automotive fields, consumer products, and others. You’ll be highly benefited thanks to the tooling workshop they have in-house as well as their automated molding technology. It will let you have a faster turnaround OEM service if the silicone parts are more complex.

As you already know, silicone rubber is widely used in so many fields, and Newtop has decades of accumulated knowledge and experience in the industry so they will be able to help customers in many and various fields to develop their silicone products. No matter if your products or parts are for electronics, the medical industry, automotive parts, home, etc. No matter what, they’ll provide you with the best custom manufacturing services and solutions.

Newtop Provides Silicone Solution if You Are Confused

They offer industrial silicone solutions too. This material has chemical and physical properties that are relatively stable. It tends to be one of the best materials for making electromagnetic shielding tapes, seals, O-rings, and gaskets. They can also be used in different car cabins or electronic equipment and in general in precision machinery. And of course, Newtop will be there to help you manufacture these industrial complex silicone parts quite quickly and also in large quantities. The final product tolerances are small, they are flashless and have a pass rate of over 99.8%.

Another solution that they offer is medical silicone. Did you know that when silicone was invented, it was used in the medical industry thanks to its high biocompatibility. Some of the medical parts made of silicone are breathing masks, tubes, eye wash cups, and nasal aspirators amongst many others. And for this field, Newtop has the highest-standard engineering processes as well as very professional technical operations that provide you with products that meet many important certifications.

Newtop Provides Silicone Solution if You Are Confused

And finally, they also offer consumer silicone solutions. This is a market that is huge and keeps growing as these types of products we see and use in our everyday life and many aspects of our life. For example, there are the kitchen and household products, and also mother and baby ones.

As you know already, Newtop has the capabilities to develop and manufacture these kinds of products thanks to their knowledge, experience, and also technology. They’ll bring all of your ideas to life and into the market at a very low cost.

Newtop Provides Silicone Solution if You Are Confused

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