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Kanal D recently announced that its grid will undergo some important changes. The changes appear in the context in which the station will start broadcasting a new Turkish series. From then on, “My Name Is Züleyha” fans will only be able to watch their favorite series two days a week. What’s new on the Kanal D schedule in early July.

On what days will the Turkish series “ma numesc zuleyha” be broadcast?

Currently, after the finale of “Ambassador’s Daughter”, Kanal D started broadcasting the series “ma numesc zuleyha” from Monday to Friday, from 20.00.

Starting Monday, July 4, Kanal D will broadcast a new Turkish series. Specifically, three days a week, instead of “My name is Zuleyha”, viewers of the station will be able to watch a new family story, “Broken Wings”. This series will be broadcast from Monday to Wednesday, from 20:00, on Kanal D. Despre seriale offers all the latest seriale turcesti to viewrs freely everyday.

“ma numesc zuleyha” ranked first in the audience charts in Turkey with the episode broadcast last night, the one with no. 141, the last of the series. Moreover, the production surpassed its own audience record for the current year. The fact that the end of the series was a successful one is also demonstrated by the numerous positive reactions from the online environment: the fans competed in praise and thanked the show’s team for their work.

“Endless thanks to all those who contributed”, “We watched 4 seasons without losing an episode”, “We will miss Çukurova and especially Hunkar, Zuleyha and Demir Yaman” or “I watched him with interest from the first episode “It was a very good vintage series”, are just some of the comments of the fans on the official social media accounts of the beloved series.

But the show’s team also thanked the fans for their support. “We want to thank all our viewers who shared our emotions on the trip in ‘My name is Züleyha’ and were in front of the screens every Thursday night,” is the message posted on the official Instagram page of the series.

The dramatic series “Mera Neam Jaliha” watched by millions is coming to an end. This is the second season of the series which airs on D Channel. The final two episodes of the season, My Name is Juliha, will air next week on Channel D. Find out where the story goes, how Zariha ends, and the rest of the characters next week in the final two chapters.

The show revolves around the life of the beautiful Zaliha, her struggle to love Yilmaz and the children around her, and the pleas of a Yemeni family to pull the young woman out of her difficult life. “My name is Zurayha” is the most watched series for millions of Romanian small screen TVs. Channel D:

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