Five New Anime Series to Watch With Friends

It’s that time of the year, Folks! this time is for cocoa and carols, presents, and well-hung stockings. It’s also the time for cuddles with a loved one, baking, and marathons of watching movies and anime series

Was that really what you were doing? What was that? You’re in the right place, dear reader. Let’s not forget that holidays can be stressful enough.

Here are Five Anime Series to Watch With Friends

1. The Genius Prince’s Guide for Raising a Nation out of Debt

It can be challenging to be in charge. Tensai Ouji No Akaji Kokka Saaisei Jutsu’s Prince Wein felt upon inheriting his kingdom. It’s a small kingdom that is more trouble than it’s worth. Prince Wein plans on auctioning the land to the highest bidder to let him relax and get away from the monotonous royal life. It’s not easy to abandon a country.

Prince Wein always makes a change and ends up being a win-win situation. He will never be able to leave the kingdom and live a life of leisure. Tensai Ouji No Akaji Kokka Saaisei Jutsu is a fantasy comedy that anyone with responsibilities can relate too. It demonstrates that even when life throws you lemons you don’t have to make lemonade. This Series is available on Zinitevi APK and free of cost.

2. Orient

Are you looking for action? Orient has you covered. The story follows Musashi and Kojirou who are childhood friends who promise to be demon-slaying Samurai when they get older. In a matter of years, however, this dream is made impossible by demons rising to godly status, and the samurai becoming disgraced. Musashi doesn’t let this stop him. He proudly declares his desire to be a samurai, and he continues working on his skills until his time arrives.

Kojirou, however, decides to pursue his dream of becoming a samurai after a near-death experience. Musashi and Kojirou join forces to take down beasts and restore the honorable title of samurai. This title will appeal to shounen fans with its themes such as friendship, perseverance, action-packed battles, and a focus on oneself. 

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3. Tokyo 24-ku (Tokyo’s 24th Ward).

The plot of this title has been shrouded with mystery. We know that Tokyo 24-Ku is an anime mystery-thriller that centers around Ran, Kouki, and Shuuta. They were all raised together on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay. Despite their different backgrounds and personalities, they have always been close friends. An incident changes their dynamic and they receive a call on their first anniversary that is purportedly from a deceased friend.

It simply asks them to choose the future and they must save their home. But will they be able to save their friendship? They will have to work together, even though they each see things differently. This anime series, which features red, blue, and green themes, is hard to resist.

4. Ryman’s club

Are you concerned about the lack of anime in the fall? Do you long for the sweet drama that comes with boys learning to play any sport and working together as a team? Ryman’s club is the place to be. The anime follows a group made up of salarymen who play badminton. It focuses on Mikoto Shiratori (a prodigy in badminton) and their struggles to get back into the game after losing at an inter-high tournament. AnimixPlay APP offers this Series free of cost and without any disturbance.

He is talented, but his loss and trauma prevent him from entering a career in the sport. Instead, he takes a job with the Sunlight Beverage Company. He meets Tatsuru Miyazumi, a top salaryman and a key player on the company’s team. To reach his full potential, Mikoto must overcome his past. This anime series is unlike other sports anime. It focuses on adult players and shows their lives off the court and their everyday lives in the office. Ryman’s Club will appeal to fans of workplace comedy and drama as well as sports anime.

5. Sasaki and Miyano

Based on a manga by the same name, Sasaki & Miyano are Miyano’s adventures. A boy who is happy to read boys’ love manga and his greatest worry is his soft face. His peaceful life is interrupted when he meets Sasaki, an upperclassman and a rough-and-tumble delinquent. Although Miyano is small and seems soft, he fights back against Sasaki and suddenly Sasaki becomes incredibly fascinated with Miyano’s fiery spirit.

Although he wants to be closer to Miyano but is completely clueless, Miyano doesn’t see how his life mirrors the love manga that he so dearly loves. It’s up to Sasaki, to make this a happy ending. Sasaki and Miyano are a sweet and funny story that is perfect for lovers of a slice of life and romantics. We’ll let you see. 


In this article, We discussed 5 New anime series which you can watch with your friends and enjoy the great storyline and animation. All series are great and time worthy. These series are easily available on OTT platforms.


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