How much do you know about telegram x?

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Telegram X is a third-party client for Telegram(电报), a popular messaging app with more than 200 million users. It’s available for Android and iOS devices but was made redundant by the official app in 2019. While Telegram X has been around since 2017, support for the app has dwindled over time as improvements have been made in the official version of Telegram, which introduced new features like smart replies and swipes to edit.

Telegram X also has a neat feature that shows you previews of the links in your chats. This means that if someone sends you a link, or if there’s a link in the chat, you can preview it without leaving the app. You don’t have to open your browser and go through all those annoying steps when trying to figure out what this person is telling you about their favorite book or movie.

One thing we noticed about Telegram X is that it doesn’t yet support animated GIFS as WhatsApp does, which makes sense considering Telegram’s focus on privacy and security (which I’ll tell you more about later). But this might change soon enough as well because Telegram has said they’re “working on implementing animated GIFs” into both versions today.”

Telegram X has been targeted at Android and IOS users since 2017

Telegram X was released in 2017, but the app’s support for Android and iOS users have dwindled over time. Although Telegram X is not officially supported, it’s still available on the Google Play Store. However, you won’t find Telegram X on Apple’s App Store or any other official channel.

You won’t be able to download Telegram X onto your desktop computer, either; it’s only available for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Your best bet is to use a web browser like Firefox or Chrome if you want to access the program from a laptop or desktop PC; however, this isn’t ideal because the interface will feel cramped due to screen size limitations (and no mouse support).

Telegram X is an alternate client of Telegram

Telegram X is an alternate client of Telegram(电报App), which provides the same messaging experience — with more features than the main app.

It’s not an official client of Telegram, but it provides many great features that aren’t available on its predecessor. For example, you can send videos up to 1 GB in size, audio recordings up to 20 minutes long, and more. And if you don’t like the dark theme that comes with Telegram X by default (because who likes darkness?), there are plenty of other themes available for customizing your experience further!

Telegram X has two features

Telegram X is a great app for messaging and chatting, but it’s particularly useful if you have a large screen. Two features make Telegram X easy to use on larger screens:

Swipe to Reply – This feature allows you to reply by swiping up on the message bubble. If there are multiple replies available, they will appear as buttons in the swipe-up menu.

Swipe to Edit – This feature allows you to edit your messages before sending them out by swiping left or right over the message bubble.

“Slide reply”

The first of these is called “Swipe to reply” and allows you to long-press on any message, which activates the feature. You can then swipe right or left to reply with a preset response or one you’ve set yourself.

It’s a pretty handy feature that lets you reply more quickly, especially if there are lots of messages coming in at once and it doesn’t make sense for each one to open up its chat window. After all, who doesn’t want their chats neatly organized so they can tell everything apart without having to read through every single one?

You’ll find this feature available on both Android and iOS devices (and yes—it works even if you’re using the official Telegram app), but unfortunately, it isn’t available in the regular version of Telegram X yet (though we’re sure that will change soon).

“Swipe to edit” 

The second feature is “Swipe to edit” which lets you edit any message by swiping right on it and choosing “Edit” from the menu that appears at the top of your screen.

This makes it easy to delete any text without having to open up a new chat window or message, meaning you won’t lose context when replying to someone. It also prevents accidental deletion by making sure only one swipe will let you delete a message or change its contents instead of multiple taps or button presses like in other apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc…

Telegram X uses Google Translate to offer suggestions when writing messages in foreign languages

You can also use Google Translate to translate text or speech, but the latter is only available for some languages. Here’s how to enable it for your telegram X app:

Open the telegram x app

Go to Settings > Language & Input > Languages and select Edit next to “Google Translate”

Select “Enabled” from the drop-down menu and tap OK

Use smart reply to suggest replies

Whenever available, Telegram X will use Smart Reply to suggest responses, which should cut down on time spent typing out messages altogether.

Smart Reply is a feature that suggests responses to messages. It’s available for Android and iOS.

The feature supports English, Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Russia), Spanish (Spain), Turkish and Vietnamese languages right now.

So what are the differences between legitimate official telegram and telegram x?

Telegram X is an alternative to the official Telegram app. It has two features that make it a treat to use on larger screens, in particular.

The first is that you can split your screen into multiple panes, which allows you to chat with multiple people at once. For example, if you’re talking with someone while they stream their TV show (like Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix specials) in another window, then it’s easy for them to keep track of what’s happening in both windows simultaneously.

The second is that you can use a swipeable keyboard similar to how WhatsApp does it—just tap the space bar and then drag your finger up or down across letters until everything spells out what you want!


So now that we’ve covered all of the features in Telegram X, let’s talk about whether or not you should use it. While Telegram X is an excellent app with a lot of great features, there are still some things to consider before switching over. For instance, if you use your phone for work purposes and need to have access to all the apps on Google Play Store (like WhatsApp), then using telegram x may not be the best option for you because it does not support those apps yet. Another reason why we would advise against using telegram x is if security matters a lot to you because this app has been found vulnerable by hackers several times already which means that your data could be compromised at any time without realizing it until later when damage has already been done.”

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