Can the “last meeting” time be hidden in the telegram?

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If you’re using Telegram(Telegram中文版), then you know it has a huge clock in the corner. The clock is useful because it tells you what time it is, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be so big! Some people find the corner clock distracting and would prefer keeping their screen as clean as possible without all those numbers taking up space on their screen — especially if they’re trying to focus on something else like working or studying.

You can hide the last meeting time in Telegram with an update if you don’t want that information showing up when someone sends you a message or calls you from within your app; this way you can make sure only important notifications appear at all times (such as when someone messages you). Here’s how:

They can’t be hidden!

The time of the last meeting is always visible in the corner, so it’s not hidden.

And it’s not very useful since no one is looking at the clock in the corner anyway!

I am a huge fan of Telegram(纸飞机中文), and I think it has the potential to be a great tool for teams. However, one thing that drives me crazy about it is that there’s no way to hide the clock in the corner.

I understand why it would be helpful for people who are new or unfamiliar with time zones and meetings—but even if you’re an old pro at this stuff, I don’t think we need to see it all the time!

The reason I say this is because so many people use their phones now as their primary way of communicating with each other online. If you have multiple conversations going on at once and need to reference one chat over another (or look at someone’s profile picture), then there simply isn’t enough space for everything else without taking up too much screen real estate–like having your inbox open while also trying not

to miss any important notifications from Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp!

It might be useful to put it on a different screen

In the settings menu, you can change the screen orientation to portrait and lock the screen. This means that your last meeting time will never be obstructing your view, no matter how you hold your phone.

You may also wish to increase the size of your display, as this will allow for more space in which to write out messages or look at photos.

Two clocks

Now when you get notifications you see two clocks, one will be a little bigger and show the time of your last meeting.

The other clock will be a little smaller and show the time of your last message.

Both clocks are on the same screen so it’s easy to see both of them at once without having to move between screens or scroll through messages that have already passed.

Update hide clock in telegram

You can hide the clock in Telegram with an update and get rid of that huge clock in the corner.

To do this, you need to download a special version of the app (you can find it here) and then open it. This should work on both iOS and Android platforms.

Once you have opened the app, go to Settings -> Notifications & Sounds. You will see a section called “Display.” Here, select the “Hide Notification Center Time” option or any other option that suits you best!


When you’re in that menu, look for an option called “Last Seen.” It’ll probably be on the bottom of your screen—just scroll down until you find it!

Once you’ve found Last Seen, look for another menu that says “Last Seen.” Scroll down until you find it!

Now, once you’ve found Last Seen, choose how long after something was sent before it shows up on your profile. We suggest choosing 24 hours (1 day) because then people will think it’s cool that they haven’t seen your profile in so long—and they’ll be impressed by how busy/busy-looking you are!

By the way, one more word, Telegram is not just a messenger, but also a social network.

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