Microsoft Teams: What are the things you must know?

People are looking for methods that will help them communicate and collaborate effortlessly with their team members. Multiple tools are available to help you chat, video calls, share files, and run audio. 

But is there a single tool to handle all of this or even more? Yes! The Microsoft Teams might be the solution. 

It is specifically designed for businesses, organizations, and schools with some amazing features to work smoothly. Are you ready to start with the MS Teams? Let us explore some amazing features in this content piece. 

What is a Microsoft Teams app?

This is a part of the Office 365 productivity suite, launched in November 2016. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform that provides chat, video, voice, and document sharing under a single roof. It is a perfect choice for remote, distributed, and local workgroups. 

The process of installing MiZcrosoft Teams:

Go to the official site of Microsoft and download the installer

Once you download and run the installer, add the Microsoft email account and click on Next

Add your phone number for verification 

Now Teams will be installed and ready to use on the device

The process of building a team and inviting users: 

Choose Teams from the left side of the Tab

Click on Create Team 

Select Build a Team from Scratch 

If you need to make the access limited, go To restrict access and then Private. 

Add name and description for the team 

Add all the names of the team members to the list 

If you want to invite someone, Click on Invite People from the bottom left

They want something user-friendly and manage multiple tasks on a small or large scale when it comes to business. Microsoft Teams can handle projects, production, and other important elements of the company. 

What are the features of the Microsoft Teams App?

A chat-based collaboration solution with document sharing, meetings, and many other extremely useful features required for business communication makes a difference. Getting a team space provides more chances to make creative decisions and communicate effortlessly. 

Let us look at some amazing features of MS Teams online

Integration with Office 365 

The Office 365 apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, SharePoint, and OneNote are already used by many organizations daily. Microsoft Teams integrate perfectly with all these products. The developers are bringing several improvements to the tool continuously. Users can create a team within a group, edit group emails, use sensitivity labels, and restore deleted groups.

Better Accessibility 

Microsoft Teams provide you accessibility to Office 365 apps from a single location which increases the productivity of your employees. Users can access the files and documents from SharePoint and OneDrive and make calls or conduct video conferences with the team. This tool helps organize everything in a single place, be it messages, notes, meetings, or files. 


The tool provides the feature of announcements in the Team channels to share vital information. There are chances that you need to share some important information with a team member, launch a new product, share a new policy, or celebrate something. All this can be done by posting the content as an announcement with a headline and background image that will grab users’ attention. 

Whiteboard Support 

The Microsoft Whiteboard for Teams gives an infinite digital canvas that helps participants work together. The Whiteboard empowers users to be a part of a conversation regardless of their device. 

The board is automatically shared with the attendees, and users can view and create content in real-time together. It gives a rich collaboration experience by providing features like images, notes, and grid lines. 

Calendar App 

Microsoft has launched the new Calendar app. It has introduced a range of new functions like the views will be available as Day, Work Week, and Week views. Users have the freedom to view future or past meetings. The owner can edit the key actions like join, cancel, RSVP, or join from the menu. 

Document Storage 

Every group using the Microsoft Teams web app or app has a site on SharePoint Online that will contain a default Document Library Folder. Each file shared in the conversations is automatically saved in this folder. However, users need special permissions and security options to customize sensitive information.

Microsoft Power Apps 

They are web-based applications that help automate the operations and processes of the business to enhance the digital experience. You can connect them with SharePoint, SQL Server, Excel, and Dynamics 365 to customize the theme as per your business. Microsoft Power Apps ensure to empower business and provide smooth collaboration in Microsoft Teams with amazing features.    

Quickly search information

Microsoft Teams app has a search function that helps find the relevant information from the documents or conversations. It is easier to schedule meetings for the team members by sending them invitations automatically. The tool provides you support of SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange to make this process efficient and accurate. 

Avoid data loss

Microsoft provides Data Loss Prevention in conversations and chats that help users detect and protect sensitive information. By building the DLP policies, the admin gets the option to prevent deletion, sharing, or leakage of important information inside or outside the organization unintentionally.

The Last Note!

The Microsoft Teams app has some unbelievable features that are proven to be highly useful in boosting the productivity of organizations. You get all the space for collaboration and sharing information hassle-free. 

When it comes to growing the business, you should need a user-friendly tool that is incredibly straightforward and easier to work with. 

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