How to Check If Loose Moissanite Stones Are Authentic?

If you’re thinking of buying a Moissanite diamond ring but aren’t sure if it’s real, you can test it yourself by using jewelers’ tools to examine stones. These tools can measure a stone’s color and clarity and tell if it’s an authentic Moissanite. Of course, Moissanite stones are harder to fake than diamonds, so you’ll have to be careful when buying loose Moissanite.

Diamond testers

There are several types of diamond testers and many loose stones. A diamond tester is a device that uses heat movement to determine if a stone is genuine. These testers should be purchased from reputable online retailers. Moreover, a diamond tester can be used on a loose Moissanite stone for authentication purposes. This article will give you some tips on how to use a tester.

There are many different types of diamond and Moissanite testers available for instance, from One method of testing the authenticity of loose Moissanite stones is to use a magnification tool to see if the stone has natural inclusions. Diamonds are virtually flawless, whereas cubic zirconia has no inclusions and will appear too perfect. A 10x magnification diamond tester will allow you to see the inclusions in a Moissanite stone.

Moissanite testers

When purchasing a diamond, you will notice that the stone has a certificate number and microscopic engraving on the girdle. Moissanite, on the other hand, will not have this inscription. Therefore, if you purchase a Moissanite, the tester will not reveal this inscription or even the doubled look of the Moissanite, so you can be sure that the loose stone you are considering purchasing is authentic.

There are several different types of diamond testers. The most popular method is the thermal conductivity test. This test can tell whether the stone is a diamond or Moissanite by its heat dispersion. Several online vendors sell Moissanite testers. Jewelers use these tools to test for minute weight differences in gemstones. Moissanite testers are available on Amazon.

Using a jeweler’s tools

Using a jeweler’s tools can help you determine whether the loose Moissanite stones you bought are genuine or not. A diamond tester, a thermal conductivity probe, will measure how quickly a stone disperses heat when warmed up. If a stone takes longer than expected to dissipate heat, it’s not a real diamond. Moissanite stones are similar in thermal conductivity, making them great diamond simulants.

A jeweler’s loupe and diamond tester are tools that will quickly determine whether a stone is real or not. A jeweler’s loupe can show the certificate number of a stone, but a thermometer won’t distinguish between a moissanite and a diamond. An electrical conductivity tester is more accurate than a thermal tester, and a combination tester can be found online or at a diamond specialty shop.

Using a stone’s color

Whether the loose Moissanite stones you purchase are genuine or fake isn’t always easy to determine. Even though Moissanite is a natural substance, most stones are synthetic and created in laboratories. The key difference between the two is color. Moissanite stones range from yellow, clear, green, or even colored. Unfortunately, the difference between the two stones is subtle and often only noticeable to a trained eye.

Examine the stones with a 1200x power microscope to check whether they are real. For example, the diamond will appear brighter if the Moissanite is made in India. On the other hand, if the stone is from Australia, it will have a greenish or brown hue. This indicates authenticity, as the Indian stone will look duller than Halley Reh Moissanite.

Using a ring’s size

A simple way to tell if the loose Moissanite gemstones in a ring are real is by checking the size. Moissanite gemstones are not as hard as diamonds to determine their size, and if they are oversized, they can easily pass for fakes. Moissanite stones are also inexpensive, which makes them a great alternative to diamonds. However, if you want to wear your Moissanite stone as your ring’s center stone, keep it under a carat. If you go bigger than that, you may end up with a stone that is too large and will give your ring an unnatural look.

Another method to check if the loose Moissanites are genuine is to look at the color. Rainbow colors often characterize Moissanite. This is because the gem’s color is refracted by two different sides, which means it is twice as reflective as a diamond. This feature makes it difficult for a novice to tell Moissanite from a diamond.

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