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Identifying Signs of Water Damage in your Property

Water damage can be disastrous for your property. It can hit your home in various ways but the end result is always unpleasant. You will require extensive water damage restoration repairs and multiple calls to the insurance company to get a claim.

However, to reduce the impacts of damaged property, one must identify the symptoms of water damage on time. Knowing the signs can help you control the situation and get the repairs done before it gets complicated. 

Water damage can occur due to multiple issues-the most common ones being:

  • Roof leakage
  • Flooding
  • Storm damage 
  • Human error and negligence 
  • Burst pipe 

No matter what causes the issue; without identification, water downpour starts causing trouble rapidly. It further leads to potential problems for the structure and foundation of the property as well. Thus, knowing how to identify water damage can be helpful. 

Signs of Water Damage:

To assist you in identifying this issue, we listed some of the basic signs that a property showcases. Keep reading. 

  1. Spot Swelling in Walls:

If your wall has spot swelling, then it is a prominent sign of water damage. And it is a serious issue. This indicates that the drywall has absorbed more water than it actually could. This usually happens due to leakage or an after-effect of a major storm or flooding. It requires attention right away. 

  1. Water Stains:

One of the clearest signs of water alluvion is water stains. This indicates an upper-level water leakage and is most commonly found in the bathroom or kitchen area. If you find one in your home, it is best recommended that you try to trace its source. If not possible, consult an expert to see how bad the problem is. 

  1. Damp Smell:

Have you ever walked inside a home or a specific room that smells damp? It might smell like rain poured in. all water desecration signs are not physical or visible to the human eye and this is one of them. A damp, mold-like smell in the house indicates a problem within the walls. Even if there is a slight damp smell, it is crucial to address the issue. If left unaddressed, it will keep growing and the dilemma will get complicated. 

  1. Listen Carefully:

Try to listen carefully if you assume that you heard a leakage sound. Stop for a while and listen closely. If you do hear something, call an expert to check it for you. Sometimes, this is just the beginning of a minor leakage. And if addressed on time, your property is prevented from further damage. 


These are the top 4 signs that indicate water damage to property. All you require is a little attention to identify potential downpours. And once you assume that there might be a possible leakage within your home, it is best to call an expert and get it inspected deeply. In the end, make sure that you hire experienced water damage restoration services to get the best outcomes. 

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