London’s Best Bacon Rolls – A Guide to the Best Places to Get Them

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Bacon rolls are one of the staples of London food culture and for a good reason! Easy to eat on the go, fun to share with friends and family, delicious and full of protein, it’s no wonder the humblebacon roll has become so popular in this city.

If you’re new to London and want to check out what everyone’s been talking about, or if you’re a local who wants to find the best place nearby to get some bacon rolls as a treat or on-the-go breakfast, you can also hire London catering Services they will provide it to your doorstep. This guide will help you to choose the best catering company from where you can take London catering services.

What is a bacon roll?

A bacon roll is a type of sandwich made with bacon and bread. The bread is usually a white flour bap or baguette, and the bacon is either grilled or fried. Bacon rolls are popular street food in London and can be found at many cafes and markets. They’re perfect for breakfast or lunch and go well with coffee!

If you love bacon sandwiches but don’t want to fry your own, there are plenty of takeaway places that will deliver straight to your door! Some people add egg and bacon to their rolls; this makes it an egg and bacon roll.

Bacon rolls are one of the most popular foods in London and for a good reason. They’re easy to eat on the go, filling, and just plain delicious. Plus, there are so many different ways to make a bacon roll, meaning there’s something for everyone.

You can get them with butter, marmite, or tomato sauce; you can have them with black pudding or egg-fried bacon. You can even get them with cheese baked into the breadcrumbs. You’ll find that every bakery has its take on what makes a perfect bacon roll.

Vote for the best

In search of the best bacon roll in London, I visited a variety of cafés and bakeries. My favourite place was unquestionably Owen Brother Catering. The roll itself was packed full of delicious, thick-cut bacon and the perfect amount of seasoning.

It was crispy and soft on the inside – just as a bacon roll should be. It was available at the best prices, so it was excellent value.

The rise and rise of it

Bacon rolls have been a breakfast staple in London for years, but they’ve become even more popular in recent years. Thanks to social media and word-of-mouth, bacon rolls are now seen as a must-have dish when visiting the capital.

Are bacon rolls good for you?

Bacon rolls are a delicious treat that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet. While they are high in fat and calories, bacon rolls offer some nutritional benefits. The protein and fat in bacon can help you feel fuller for longer, and the B vitamins in bacon can help support a healthy metabolism. When choosing a bacon roll, look for one made with leaner cuts of bacon and whole wheat bread for added fibre.

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