Tarts: Should you try them out?

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No matter you call it a crostata, that of a galette or even a rustic type of fruit tart, this juicy, disordered confection has splendour and charm that lays with its favours rather than that of its looks. Visit Casa Nata tart bakery and try it for yourself and you are going to vouch for tarts!

Well, you might have usually seen one or two tarts in a simple bakery that serves various other things, but many individuals have not really heard of a bakery that just sells tarts. Of course, since you know it now, you must hop to a bakery that has only tarts with you and you can experience them in abundance and in rich variety.

Get your kids some tarts!

Ah, you may be knowing that there are so many chocolates and cakes right that your kids do love. But have you ever tried tarts for your kids? Come on, you have no idea how your kids are going to love these Portuguese dishes. After all, there is a lot of flavour, charm and delight in these dishes. You can be sure that your kids love it. And a single pie-like piece of this dish is going to make your children feel so engrossed and loved. Of course, you would find your kids asking for more once you offer them these.

Flavours in abundance

Then maybe you feel that tarts are only one or two types. But that is not the reality. You can find a rich variety in tar flavours once you look for them. After all, tarts are absolutely fulfilling and exciting. Whether chocolate, strawberry, fruit or any other flavours; you have them all. And if you feel that you would be served something like a pie or a pastry; then you are mistaken. There is a lot of difference in terms of consistency of creams and the overall crust and all. Once you eat a tart that is of good quality, you would feel the integral difference that would be distinct. Of course, once you get a real taste of a tart, your taste buds are going to crave for more and more.

Make them a part of your party

Indeed, if you are simply hosting a small friends party or throwing a birthday party for your family members. Go for tarts. Make sure that you make these Portuguese tarts a part of your menu. You can get them in bulk and make sure that they steal the spotlight in your party or event. Whether at home, on a picnic or simply a quick office treat; you can bring a different type of tang to the moment with the different types of tarts. After all, tarts have a charisma of their own that is much untapped as of now. Tap the richness and you would be in love!

How do you know when a tart is ready?

When it comes to baking tarts, knowing when they are ready to be taken out of the oven is crucial to achieving a perfectly cooked dessert. There are a few key indicators that can help you determine whether your tart is ready or not.

Firstly, check the crust of the tart. A cooked crust should be golden brown in color and firm to the touch. If the edges of the crust are over-browned, it may be a sign that the tart has been in the oven for too long.

Secondly, give the tart a gentle shake. If the filling wobbles slightly in the center but is set around the edges, it is usually a good sign that the tart is ready. However, if the filling is still very jiggly, it may need more time in the oven.

Lastly, use a cake tester or a toothpick to test the center of the tart. Insert it into the center of the tart and if it comes out clean, the tart is ready. If there is still uncooked filling on the tester, it needs more time in the oven.


To sum up, give tarts a chance and you would be in awe for sure. These amazing desserts are going to make your day grand for sure.

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