5 Effective ways to ensure ethical catering for your next event

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It’s high time when we cannot afford to go wrong about saving the environment and going sustainable. People across the world are more than willing to hear and actively participate in this endeavor. However, there are some situations where we tend to be lazy around. One such situation is organizing or participating in a party or event.

It only takes a sincere reminder to arrange and use everything sustainability at such events, You can simply contact Radish Events, for catering companies in Sydney to ensure that everything from food and cutlery is ecologically sustainable. With a little planning, you can easily ditch paper cups, coffee packs, plastic cutlery, and disposables. Here are some effective ways to make your next event environment-friendly.

Choose sustainable food

When choosing sustainable food, you pick cuisines that care for both the environment and the community, Food that is seasonal and comes from the neighborhood is ideal for such events. It is fresh, supports locales, eliminates long transport, and reduces cost.

You can go vegan and pick plant-based food to ditch animal meat. Produce that is grown organically is also a great option for both the planet and the people.

Go for produce that is local or reasonably sourced

You can easily get top-notch food items by purchasing from the vendors and producers nearby. It not only reduces your cost significantly but also allows you to help the local community.

You can work out the ideal approach with the locales for their food and ensure everything is fresh on your table.

Optimize transportation

Choose a location that is closest to everyone who is attending the event and also to the vendors supplying for the event. You can also ensure a place where your guests can come together by pooling in a vehicle. By reducing the commuting distance or vehicles, you remarkably slash down the carbon footprints your event is likely to have.

Control the food portion

A simple explanation to this point is to avoid biting more than what you can chew. If you are going to a party or event solely for networking or fun, make sure you do not load your plate with food.

As a host, you can limit the size of each serving and allow your guests to take more if they want. This will prevent them from loading too much in one go. The food that you consider throwing away can fill someone for a day.

Consider reusability

A common practice is to use disposable plastic material for parties. Most often people go for disposable plates, cups, and even decorations that go into landfills after the event.

A better idea is to use reusable materials such as glass plates and tableware. You can have a set of purchases for your office or home. Such material can be easily washed after every event and reused for the next. It is also a cost-effective way of planning an event.

You can also ask your caterer and vendors to provide reusable materials for serving and decoration.

If the amount of food waste, disposables, and other material waste that go to landfills after every event is reduced, it can be a remarkable contribution to the environment.

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