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The biggest shoe size in the world

Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Ali Hamza

There are many shoe sizes available in the world. Because there are 7 billion people in this world, and every person has a shoe size. We are not saying that everybody has their unique footwear size, but some different shoe sizes are available that will match your foot size.

If we talk about the biggest shoe size in the world then according to the Guinness world record the biggest shoe size or we can say the biggest footwear of the world is 37 AA. It will blow your mind after reading this that a person named Robert Wadlow was the tallest man who lived in the USA and wore the biggest shoe size that is 37 AA. Which is equivalent to 47 c.m long. It was the longest foot in the world. And wore the biggest shoe size which is 37 AA. Now a footballer has the biggest shoe in the world. He is alive and 23 years old and has the biggest feet. It is 40.5 c.m long. Hernández finds it difficult to find his shoe size because he has an abnormal size that normally people don’t have.

 So, there are some brands that customize shoes to their customers according to their style and other preferences. These types of shoes that are customized-made are a little bit more expensive than the shoe size available normally in the brands. but these brands also offer discount codes and coupon codes to the customer because they know it is very difficult for some people who have abnormal shoe sizes can’t afford high price shoes so for that they offer these discounts on sites like coupon sites like OffOnShoes. This coupon site will provide you with many promo codes of different shoe brands that can be used at buying new shoes for yourself or the biggest shoe size that you can customize made by the brands on order. 

Is it hard to find the biggest shoe size for the big you?

Yes, it is difficult to find the biggest shoe size because it is not common and normally people don’t need a big shoe size. The normal sizes are available easily in the market and people can get all these sizes. The biggest shoe size is customized and hard to find. Georg Wessel, a German custom shoemaker, helps in making customized shoes for those who have the biggest feet in the world or who have the Guinness world record. Because generally, brands don’t offer 26 sizes they offer only up to 13 – 14 sizes for men. According to the American academy orthopedic survey they said that the average size of men in the world is between 9 to 12. And the average shoe size in America is 10.5.

That means the common size of shoes that men wear in America is 10.5. You can buy sports shoes as well at discounted prices. And the best thing about the sports shoes is that they also offer custom-made sizes so if you have an abnormal shoe size or are from the team of the biggest shoe size then you can order custom-made shoes for yourself too. Look online for discount deals on the right sized pair of shoes for yourself.  As this can help you in getting what you need along with saving you some bucks. Searching online for biggest shoe size would make it easy to find it and if you want custom made shoes. You must check FSJ shoes and choose the design and type that you like. However, keep in mind that customized shoes might cost you much higher than any other normal shoe of a standard size.

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